Promoting Talent Worldwide

Would you use us again, if so, why?
“Absolutely 100%, mostly because of how easy it is to get in contact with you guys and how easy you’ve made the whole booking experience”

Sourcing the perfect talent is a skilled job and one the booking agents at Models Direct love! Our team of booking agents talk to clients all over the world spending time understanding their brand, their vision and what they need for their next big marketing campaign. Good booking agents build bonds and gain the trust of their clients, helping them ensure their upcoming campaign is a huge success!

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Being A Booking Agent at Models Direct

Have you ever wondered what it involves being a  Booking Agent at   an International talent agency like Models  Direct…..

Every day at    Models Direct    our lovely team of Booking Agents are communicating and building relationships with clients across the UK and beyond!

Modelling is an incredibly competitive industry, with lots of different agents all competing to get   their    models/talent noticed and seen by influential people, production companies, advertising agencies and casting directors – this is no easy job!

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Sit Back! – Models Direct will do the rest…..

The Summer months are an exciting time for the assignments team at Models Direct – lots of outside photoshoots, filming and events take place throughout the season and so it’s super busy for us!

The Models Direct Assignments team are receiving enquiries everyday from clients looking to book talent for their latest campaign, advertisement or commercial all over the UK. The more details the client gives the team the easier it is for them to provide a search of the ideal models to the client, fitting the look, location, personality or skill the client requires.

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