Our awesome new website

Websites are a tool for many purposes.

They are vital to businesses for visitors to gain knowledge of how their company works. They can improve customer satisfaction. They can generate leads and increase revenue, and they provide the go-to platform for customers to learn more about the brand. Websites are so much more than displaying products, members of staff and contact details. Whether you’re an advocate for technology or a die-hard technophobe, it’s plain to see that the vast majority of companies wouldn’t be where they are today without websites.  

Our website has been an effective tool for years. Many people have praised it for its simplicity, and for the ease in which they can navigate from one page to another.

But we’re also a progressive agency, so we appreciate that we have to move with the times. Letting our operations go stagnant is not in our remit. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is common motto, but sometimes a little update doesn’t go amiss. By modernising our website, we’re showing both our models and clients that we’re not resting on our laurels. Innovation often breeds excellence, and it’s our aim to achieve even better things in the future.

Therefore, our website has had a brand new revamp ready for 2024. It’s the natural development, and we’re proud to tell all our website users about it.  

We know that a lot of our models are tech-savvy. That’s great, but equally some models shy away from websites, preferring instead to use Smartphones for email, or simply picking up the phone, which suits us just fine, too. Either way, we thought our website was in need of a makeover.

Fear not, though. Our new improved website still has everything you’d expect from Europe’s no.1 commercial modelling agency.  

Our homepage displays the all-important quick application form so that models can register with us in minutes. No gimmicks, no long-winded irrelevant questions: just basic information we need from you to kick-start your modelling career. As we have a steady stream of local, national and worldwide modelling assignments available to the right talent, it’s useful for us to be able to decipher applications in a timely and effective way. We don’t want to confuse or irritate applicants by asking for unnecessary information – we’ll leave that to other agencies, thank you!

Users can access current Models Direct news from the homepage, as well as our ever-popular jobs board. When a job catches a model’s attention, it’s important for them to refresh their portfolios with new photos and contact details – although all models should know by now that updating portfolios should be second nature.

We still have helpful info for all modelling types in which we specialise: men, women, children & teenagers, babies and pets.

Our new website represents everything we believe in: innovation, progress, sincerity and frankness.

So, welcome to our brand new website. We’ve been expecting you…