Update your ePortfolios with your Spring look

Spring is a time of the year that celebrates change and anticipation.

Gone are the short days of winter. Lengthy periods of light are restored. Most of us generally feel less lethargic. We wake up more regularly as the morning light dictates our natural sleeping patterns.

The season should be the “springboard” for models to change, develop and adapt. It’s a time when people think about altering their look to coincide with the shift in climates and the feel-good factor. It could be a new streamlined hairstyle to accommodate warmer weather, experimenting with different shades of mascara, trying out a fresh wardrobe in preparation for the summer, or trying out trendy fashion accessories. Whatever you choose to change your look, we’d like to see it by updating recent photos in your portfolio account log-in.

It’s a model’s responsibility to upload new photos. Regularly updating your portfolio has two main benefits, namely:

1. It allows our clients to see any model’s current look. It’s largely futile for a brand looking for a certain type of model to be interested in a model’s portfolio, only to find out that the model has completely changed their image or, perhaps even worse, hasn’t revamped their portfolio for months. Our clients must have a fair idea of what a model will look like before they choose them.

2. Clients like our models to be organised and take the industry seriously, and regularly uploading photos tells us that a model has followed recommendations. It’s pretty much imperative, in fact. Ignore your portfolio at your peril!

Most of our models don’t get offered work purely by chance. Every model that registers with us has expectations, and so they should. But a lot of models with repeat bookings continually refresh their portfolios – not exactly out of necessity, but out of professionalism. 

So spring is a fantastic time to re-gather and adapt your look so our clients (and we) can see what you have to offer. This time of the year gives models the perfect atmospheres and backgrounds to really let your photos do the talking.

For outdoor photos, gauge the amount of light before snapping away. Too much light can reduce the intensity of what really matters: you. Try to avoid too many background distractions, although clear photos detailing a fine spring day will help capture the mood.

Alter your look with spring clothes. However, make sure your eyes and hair are not covered – our clients need to see your most important features before they make their decision.

Spring can be just as influential as the New Year to realise ambitions. Don’t leave it to chance by ignoring your portfolios this spring. With so many brands looking for engaging models this 2024, it’d be shame to be overlooked by letting your portfolio pictures slide into obscurity.