Questions to ask before attending a modelling assignment

Being offered your very first modelling assignment is always very exciting!

In fact, it’s often so exciting that you forget to ask the very questions you really wanted to know the answers to!

Our team members at Models Direct are all highly experienced and they discuss bookings with models every single day.

They know all the essential information that has to be passed over – where you need to go, what time you have to be there and what you should wear etc – and they will also always be available to answer questions as the shoot approaches.

But, there is nothing like being organised and making sure you are as well-informed as possible and that you are well prepared for the big day!

Your point of contact at Models Direct will, of course, confirm all the details with you by email, but, if you want to grab a pen and piece of paper when you chat to them, here are just some of the questions you might wish to ask.

Do you know whether the shoot will be inside or outside?

This is obviously important because you need to have some idea of how much you might need to wrap up – or to be able to remove layers if you get hot! You should be told what the client wishes you to wear for the shoot itself or whether you will be fitted with an outfit by the wardrobe team when you arrive. But discussing the possible need for sturdy footwear, coats, jumpers, hats etc is always sensible.

Are there any specific directions I need to follow when I arrive?

If you are attending a shoot in a large location, you may need to know exactly where to head to when you arrive. You may have to park in a particular place, enter via a specific door or ask for a certain person by name when you get there. If there is any doubt about any of these things, please do make sure you arrive in plenty of time.

What should I bring to the shoot?

You may be asked to bring items to the shoot – a beach towel or wellies, for example – or it might be that all props and accessories will be supplied. But sometimes it is a good idea to have items with you such as a book or snack etc – especially if it is going to be a very long day.

Will there be other models at the shoot?

It is always fun when other models are taking part too and it can be good to know in advance whether it will be just you – or you and your family – at the booking or whether other models will be involved. Models Direct often supplies all the models for a particular shoot and so we will be able to tell you whether others are going along too and possibly what roles everyone will be taking on.

This is what some of our models have said about how well prepared they felt they were before an assignment.

Imaan said:

Working with Models Direct was very smooth and straightforward.

Charlie was great throughout, reassuring me of what to roughly expect, and with a brief rundown of the shoot. 

I had fun on the shoot working with another model and can’t wait to do more.

Yasmina said:

I had a shoot today which I really enjoyed! Everyone was so welcoming and a pleasure to work with.

Charlie was so lovely and kept me in the loop of things, making sure I had all the information needed prior to the shoot.