How much can I expect to earn on a modelling photoshoot?

There is no clear answer to this question as modelling fees vary greatly.

For some jobs models might be paid £100 while for others it could be into the thousands.

What we can tell you, however, is that if you carry out work through Models Direct we will always ensure you receive a fair fee.

So, how are modelling fees worked out?

Modelling fees vary greatly depending on a number of factors. These include:

1 How experienced the model is.

2 The duration of the photoshoot.

3 The location of the shoot and how far the model has to travel.

4 The complexity of the shoot and the tasks the model will be expected to carry out.

5 The role the model has within the shoot and the amount of time they will be spending in front of the camera.

Any genuine, reputable company will discuss the fee in advance with the model.

They will make it clear whether any other expenses (travel, accommodation etc) will be covered.

The model will then be able to make his or her own decision on whether to accept the job.

At Models Direct, we not only ensure we negotiate a fair fee for all our models, but we also make sure they are paid promptly, within a few days of successfully completing the booking.

Regardless of what any other photographers or so-called agencies tell you, a genuine agency will always offer you a fee for taking part in a photoshoot.

If you are asked to work without payment – perhaps on the promise of something else, such as more prestigious jobs – be very wary.

Sadly, we also often hear about models who have been promised payment for taking part in a shoot, but then the cheque or bank transfer never materialises.

At Models Direct, we like to be upfront and clear about all financial matters.

We know our fees are fair and at industry standard, but if you feel the payment we are offering is not enough, then you have the absolute right to refuse the booking.

We do, however, have many, many happy models who are only too pleased to be paid a good fee for work they enjoy.

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