How Do I Get Selected for Work?

If you’re considering applying or have already registered with us as a Models Direct newbie, the next question you might be thinking about is the title of this blog.

I’m new to all of this and a bit nervous to ask but how exactly do I get selected for work I’m not entirely sure, might be your thoughts!

Our modelling agency is kind and considerate to everyone we work and communicate with. Whether you come to us but don’t think that our agency is right for you or you like our fair-representation-of-the-population ethos so you join our tribe, then either way, our agency wants you to talk to us!

In this case, we thought that it’d still be a great idea to write this content so that anyone and everyone can refer back to it whenever needed.

So, let’s get started!

Generally speaking, models are usually selected for work through a combination of the following: agency representation, casting calls or auditions, or even direct bookings. When it comes to MD’s representation, we play a crucial role by showcasing our models to clients and building a strong relationship between them.

Our clients’ dream…

When clients come to hire models with us, they have a vision as to who will fit their marketing specifications. This could be anyone of any gender, any age, any size, any ethnicity, and any cultural background.

Our clients share this information with us so that we can source our models from our extensive books of talent.

Clients are spoilt for choice with Models Direct as our agency pushes the typical modelling standard boundaries and aims for modelling to be an attainable career for all, not just exclusive for those who fit in the strict modelling standard box.

…which we help bring to life

We then present our shortlisted models to our clients who can then choose who they’d like to select for their campaign, giving them control over the model-selection decision. A modelling agency should be putting everyone forward who closely matches the client’s requirements allowing everyone access to a fair chance of landing a role in the industry. This is an important area we are proud of fulfilling and continue to maintain.

Our models are repeatedly selected for all types of work with us; this isn’t a one-off opportunity, delving into a variety of modelling jobs such as lifestyle modelling, commercial modelling, catalogue modelling, and TV and film work.

However, being a model requires patience and positivity because it’s not guaranteed that models will be successively booked, one assignment after another, as the ultimate decision rests with the client.

Other areas which can help you get selected for work are:

Regularly updating your portfolio. We get new models complaining that they haven’t received any work and that our company is a scam. We don’t agree with this as our representatives ensure that we walk through how we work hard to put you into the selection process if your look is called for, but we cannot guarantee you’ll be selected.

Updating your measurements. Clients looking at your profile will want to see an up-to-the-minute snapshot of your measurements such as height, weight, shoe size and unique features. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to update them about your physical characteristics.

Inform us about any extra skills. Sometimes it pays off to be extra. If you have any interesting skills such as speaking another language, dancing, acting, or singing, let us know! Clients will want to know more about your abilities to help them filter through the selection process and pick the model that has what they’re looking for.

Models Direct hopes this reading helps you understand how work is selected for our models. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our specialist team who will be happy to help!