A guide to family modelling

If you’re part of a loving family with a sense of fun and adventure, modelling could be right up your street.

What’s more, modelling is more realistic than you might expect. The days of models being portrayed as flaunting latest fashions on catwalks from chic labels disappeared decades ago. It’s true that the world of high-end fashion is still flourishing, but we’re an agency with more grounded roots. In fact, our extensive client list isn’t interested in seeing models that have had experience with global fashion houses. What they are keen to know is this: which everyday person or people can help them effectively market their products to the general public? The answer is: it could be you, or your family.

The first step in a simple process is to apply to register your family with us, complete with a couple of clear group photos.

The second step is to let us see what you can offer our clients. If a suitable family modelling job arises and we think you’d make a perfect fit, we’ll recommend your family to the client. It’s their choice whether your family gets chosen. It’s a process that has served us, our models and our clients well for nearly 35 years, propelling Models Direct to become Europe’s no.1 modelling agency.

Our brands know what they’re looking for. They make us their first choice when searching for the right models, so we act as the professional go-between model and client. And when a model gets selected, we make sure they’re comfortable with their booking, from telling them the good news to receiving the all-important evaluation of how it went.

It’s not hard to understand why family modelling keeps increasing in demand. A lot of brands we work with desperately need families to help them promote their business.

It doesn’t have to be a specific product either. The Rizkalla family were selected recently by Park Holidays at one of their locations, complete with videographer and photographer. The weather was stunning, they enjoyed complimentary food and drinks, and were rewarded for their group commitment with a generous paycheque within 5 working days. Not too bad, if we say so ourselves.

There’s no reason why your family couldn’t be the next one chosen by our famous brands. It could be for huge retailers, travel operators, government agencies or notable charities. There’s no limit to family modelling. As long as the demand is there, we need more close-knit enthusiastic families. Read more detailed reviews from families here.

Before families register, the following points will be useful:

  • Travel expenses are paid
  • As a general rule of thumb families often demand a larger fee than single models, due to the amount of individuals employed for the assignment
  • As with any model (including pets), we strongly recommended families to regularly keep us informed of current or new looks by updating their Models Direct portfolios
  • No modelling experience by any family member is necessary
  • We welcome legal guardians as well as birth parents, as well as same sex couples with children

Modelling is a realistically viable opportunity for many people. We know this because we’ve placed thousands of models with our clients. Families are no different, and they continue to be highly prized by brands all across the UK and beyond.

Will you be the next family to work with professionals in the modelling industry? There’s only one way to find out.