Do I need to pay for professional modelling photographs?

No, no, no! Is the short answer!

If you want to become a model, you do not need to pay for professional modelling photographs.

This is the trap that many would-be male and female models often fall into.

It is also very common for parents eager for their beautiful babies and cute kids to become young models to assume they need to pay for professional photography.

But any individual or organisation that insists you buy professional photographs from them is unlikely to be a genuine agency.

The more likely scenario is that they are simply a “showcasing” operation.

They are likely to be an individual or organisation that charges an exorbitant fee for “professional” photos then simply showcases these on a website.

Genuine employment agencies, such as Models Direct, must by law seek work for their models.

They must be registered and accredited by the government and actively look for assignments for their models rather than simply upload images and hope a potential client spots them.

Models Direct has a long and impressive list of clients that it has worked with many times over the decades.

Our professional team members not only field requests for models from both these clients and new clients on a daily basis, but they also reach out to potential new clients in search of work.

Of course, our models and would-be models are very welcome to upload professional photography to their e-portfolios if they have it.

And, yes, once they have completed assignments with us, it is essential that these professionally shot stills and videos are up there too.

But in the first instance before you have carried out any work with us, your own photos, taken on a good phone or digital camera are absolutely fine.

Follow our tips and guidance on how these images should be taken, stored and uploaded.

And, as long as they are sharp and we can see you clearly in them, then they will be all we need to help us and our clients decide whether you are right for a particular booking.

Please don’t do what so many others have done before you and spend money you don’t need to.

Please do also carry out thorough research on any agency you are considering joining.

Read reviews from models or their parents who have actually worked with an agency and find out how their process really works.

At Models Direct we are always here to answer your questions if you are considering joining us or have already signed up.

We are always happy to explain more about how we work and about the kinds of photographs we need to see.