It’s All in Our Reviews

Reviews play an important insight into how our models and clients feel about their journey with us. Questions such as: Did they enjoy their time on set? What did they like the most and perhaps what didn’t they like the most? Would they make any changes to their experience? And would they work with our agency again are there questions we like to ask?

At Models Direct, we’re open, honest and work transparently so we believe that this should reflect in all areas of our business including our reviews. We know that we receive triumphant feedback but there are points where the reviews don’t fair so well. Our HQ team has no qualms about putting these out into the digital world because we don’t want to mask how our people feel but we try to do our best to put things right.

Our models and clients’ expectations and reality are very important to us which is why, after every booking, we reach out to both sides to grab their takeaway. Our models have an open-ended opportunity to pen their thoughts whilst clients are sent across a set of questions to keep the process smooth and straightforward. We don’t always receive testimonials but when we do, our team is on it to get them listed on our website.

Models Direct always aim to reply to our models, whether they’ve left a positive or negative response, and if it’s the latter then we put in steps for our model to get in touch with our team and vice versa with our clients. It’s not easy to be criticised but because we’ve instilled a positive mindset into our business framework where we work together and pick each other up and praise our successes together, we look at it as a challenge which we need to get the best out of rather than a barrier.

Even though we’ve been a UK industry leader in the modelling scene spanning 30 years, this feature of our agency always proves to be a learning curve, even for us. We learn from our models and clients every day. Whether our business practises work for them or ways we can improve areas which might not have been met with much enthusiasm. Going back to being open, we are all ears when it comes to crucial insights that were hoping for a different outcome, potential issues and an unsatisfied takeaway.

Models Direct understands that our reviews are an essential ingredient of what makes our agency stand and remain strong with our powerful ethos of embracing everyone as a future model. How else would our potential models and clients learn directly about us if our reviews section didn’t exist? This platform serves as a celebration of our successes and growth in criticism where possible models and clients can make an informed decision whether to work with us or pass.

And with that, here’s a glimpse of our review highlights which we hope you enjoy reading and learning more about us!