Getting Yourself Summer Ready

Calling all models! Imagine basking in the halcyon days of carefree summertime. Ah, sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? But is this achievable? Time moves so quickly that sometimes we wonder if it’s even possible to get ready for summer with a relaxed spirit.

Well, we’re glad you’ve landed on this page because MD will let you in on a few of our own tried and tested tips to get ready for the summer and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere it brings.

Wardrobe overhaul

Yup, one of the first places we would ask you to head to is your clothes. Whether they’re stacked in a wardrobe, folded in a cabinet or kept under your bed in a storage box, you’ll need to work through what’s summer-proof and what’s not. It’s your choice, whichever way your sense of fashion is swaying because you own your creativity. If you’re doing this for your baby model or child model, it’ll be the same process. If they’re old enough, they can help you by picking their outfit or helping you with yours!

Don’t forget good footwear for longer walks, and accessories – UV sun hats and caps, and UV protected sunglasses, or glasses and a sun umbrella.

Take care of your skin

Whether it’s you, your baby, your child, your teen, your family, or even your pet, take care of your skin! Whether the sun is peeping out from behind the clouds or set high up in the cloudless sky, ensure you’re wearing SPF 50 cream along with a sun hat. We know your pet can’t wear the same cream but you can purchase specialist pet sun cream to protect theirs too. Stay in the shade and out of the sun during peak hours.

Hair care

The summer heat can sizzle your hair. Maybe you might want a haircut (don’t forget to include an ePortfolio snap for your updated look) just so that it’s manageable. If not, that’s cool too. Tie your hair up, out of your face, wear a hat or cap, or even cover it with a scarf or use a thick headband to keep it away and tucked in. You can use a hair mask to treat it and show your hair some TLC in the evenings.

Keep hydrated

Do you find that you lose your appetite when the temperature rises and all you want is ice-cold drinks on repeat? Yup, sounds like us on a hot day too! This often happens due to sweating, loose motions (you know what we mean!), and vomiting – all natural things that happen to our bodies. So, we get thirsty hence why we flock to the freezer to top up on ice cubes. Just remember to keep the sugary drinks down and limit the caffeine. You might feel more dehydrated and at higher risk of tooth decay and teeth stains.

Have light and nutritious food

There might be points you don’t want to eat at all and just top up with fluids but having light foods might be better than opting for an empty belly. Fruits, yogurts, vegetables, and other lean proteins such as fish, chicken, egg whites and lentils are beneficial options to choose from. 

While there’s so much to do and much to get on with this summer; there’s also much to look forward to over the next few months! Enjoy the summer because it’ll pass by and you’ll be wishing for it to come around sooner next time! Don’t forget to timeline your sun-drenched days for the benefit of your luminous portfolio. Keep smiling and keep shining!

Radiate this summer and glow up!

Love Team MD x