Top tips for promotional assignments

The good news – you’ve been offered a modelling job in the world of promotions!

Congratulate yourself on treating the industry as both respectable and professional, because the chances are you’ve put in the hard graft and research to be in the position of accepting the job. Maybe you’ve treated yourself to a well-deserved drink; a steak dinner, perhaps? Fair enough, but you still need to know what to except, what is expected of you, and the inside information to continue as a successful promotional model.

When we speak of promotional modelling, we think of models at trade shows, product launches and sports events. They all add to the glamour, but looks are just a small part of being a good promotional model. They have to be prompt, attentive and knowledgeable.

Here is a checklist that promotional models need to read. You’ll thank us for it!

Time is of the essence. Always confirm your availability at the earliest convenience. This benefits all three – you, the agency, and the client. You don’t want to be the one who let an opportunity slip through your hands just because you hesitated without good reason. Check the details, and reply in the affirmative as soon as possible!

Do your homework. Promotional companies often (sometimes always) expect models to know a little bit about their history, or at the very least the details about the event the models are attending. There’s a good chance you’ll be asked questions about the event or the company by customers or even journalists, so a little information “stored upstairs” will pay dividends. Don’t worry – your assignment on the day isn’t an interview and no one will assume you know everything, but some light reading before embarking on your job is highly useful. An example is a model hired to drive consumer demand at a large trade show. People attend these events to see what’s on offer, and whether buying products at the show will enhance their business. Knowing a little bit about the products shows you’re not just there “on display” – you actually have something to say if asked.   

Regarding homework, obtain as much information about getting to your destination as possible. No one likes lateness, and you’ll be more anxious if you’re fighting against the clock. Study maps, roads, and the layout of the venue a couple of days before setting off.

Keep your clothes smart, but practical. You might be asked to wear a uniform on the day, but take a spare pair with you. Avoid brash designs and bright colours. Shoes should be functional and not overly stylish.

Arrive early. Promotional modelling is all about interacting with potential customers and raising awareness of the product, so “meeting and greeting” is a huge part of the job. Be welcoming, chatty, but not overbearing.

Promotional modelling is perfect for those who like to get “out in the field”. A happy disposition is a must, as is a knowledge of the event / the promotion itself. The work is highly enjoyable and would suit a model who likes to travel, is confident around large groups of people, and is happy on their feet for long periods of time. If this sounds like you, what are you waiting for? You could be one of the new faces for a national company who needs models just like you to promote their wares. Go for it!