Changing face – is it for you?

Billions of people are happy with their looks. Thousands are not.

Maybe millions are not, but they can’t afford to do anything about it. Maybe the figure is actually greater than a few millions, and in fact one tenth of the world’s population have a desire to part with their money with one goal in mind: to change their appearance.

People have cosmetic surgery for various reasons, but there are three main reasons why it’s big business: acceptance, positivity and health.

“Acceptance” because some people perceive their looks to be less desirable than society dictates, and therefore they want to change to fit in. “Positivity” because a change in appearance can produce confidence. “Health” is self explanatory. Yes, there are other reasons, but cosmetic surgery serves to change someone’s looks because that person wants to – after all, no one is forcing their hand!

When we talk about “cosmetics”, we are discussing procedures or practices that alter a person’s appearance. At the most basic level, products such as lipsticks, hair gels and mascara are cosmetics – that is, they aim to improve (hopefully!) a person’s appearance. At the more critical end of that scale, cosmetic surgery usually involves a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly – e.g. non-surgical procedures such as the removal of tattoos, elimination of dead skin cells or Botox injections. Procedures that should take more time to ratify include surgical procedures (gosh…that sounds more extreme, doesn’t it?!). Now we’re talking about tummy tucks, breast enlargements (or reductions), liposuction, hair transplants…the list is endless.

As previously highlighted, the end result of cosmetic surgery is a benefit for the “customer”. Long term, it may very well be the best thing that the individual does to improve their lifestyle. However, it sometimes comes at a cost, so the key aspect to bear in mind is: do your research, and weigh up every perceivable outcome. In short, if you’re considering cosmetic surgery, don’t go into it without knowing all the facts. Most cosmetic surgery should be done with the long-term in mind, and not to be made on a whim.

Cosmetic surgery can be seen in the modelling world just as it can be observed in everyday life. Sure, it’s natural for some models to modify their looks through cosmetic surgery – and we wouldn’t deter models from altering their image through surgery. But – and it’s an important “but” – we recommend models to put in the research before any procedures take place.

The cosmetic surgery business has been popular for decades, and it’s growing. There is more emphasis (should that be “pressure”?) on people looking their best on social media, and there is indeed nothing wrong with individuals feeling good by looking good…but not at the cost of their health.

Whether you’re looking for a simple removal of a mole, or a cheeky little Botox injection, then go for it – if it’s right for you and comes at no further cost than from your bank account.

Having said that, models should be ultra confident and have conviction that their looks and talent are what our clients are craving for! We should know – we’ve been placing models with high-end clients since 1990!