Mother and baby modelling – yes, you can do it together!

No new mother wants to be separated from her newborn baby, even for a minute or two – well, here’s the good news, you can undertake modelling assignments together!

We all know how much demand there is for bouncing bundles of joy when it comes to advertising, commercial and lifestyle work.

There are so many baby products out there now – and so many other products and services where both major and lesser known brands want nothing more than to have a little cutie smiling out at us and enticing us to buy.

But many new parents are understandably anxious about putting their precious bundles forward for modelling, as they have no idea what to expect or how well they will be treated.

However, when working with a genuine, reputable agency such as Models Direct, with a history stretching back three decades in the business, they can rest easy!

First and foremost, we always ensure your pride and joy is well looked after from start to finish.

You or your partner will also always be there as a chaperone and you will have eyes on your baby at all times.

But, if you have given thought to newborn modelling, then why not go one step further and put yourself forward to model alongside your little one?

Mother and baby duos are highly sought after in the world of modelling – this is because no-one is more natural in front of the camera than a real mother with her own precious babe.

The baby will, of course, also be far more content when in the arms of its real mother, instead of another model.

And arranging the whole shot will be much easier for the client or their crew when dealing with two people from the same family.

In these times of Covid, when rising infection levels sometimes call for more stringent working situations, a new mother and her baby will obviously also be within the same social bubble. This, of course, is reassuring to everyone, as it makes the working conditions both safer and easier to manage.

Having a baby is such an exciting time anyway – why not consider making some new memories together in front of the camera?

And have something very different to be able to show your beautiful boy or gorgeous girl when he or she is older and wonders just what they were like when they were new to this world!