Parents Survival Tips to your Child’s Audition

If you have recently been watching The Voice Kids, you will understand the emotions parents go through when watching their precious child audition for their dream opportunity….

It can be a roller coaster of emotions for a parent throughout the whole process and the rejection can be tough! At Models Direct we do not send you on lots of castings with your children, however some clients will only select child models if they attend the casting. So here are Models Direct top tips to surviving it!

Pay Attention to the Requirements

Read the brief properly and only take children along who fit the description. There is no point going to an open call for toddlers with your adorable four-year-old. You’ll only be disappointed, and it will slow the process down for everyone else.

Don’t Go Overboard on the Lines

If there are lines for older children to deliver, don’t overdo the delivery training. Casting directors will want to be able to direct your child. Help your children learn the lines, but let them say them as they please.

Read the Instructions Carefully Before Calling

Casting directors’ offices have very little time or patience for answering calls or emails about specifics that were already mentioned in the posting. Do not expect them to tell you what has already been stated.

Dress Your Children Appropriately

Unless otherwise stated, the dress code for auditions is simple, clean, modest clothing. Avoid outfits that are all one colour and make sure shoes are clean and fit well. Clothes should also be age appropriate. Do not put too much makeup on older children, and keep jewellery to a minimum.

Make Sure Your Child Has Eaten a Healthy Meal

Casting directors want to see that your child is bright but also well-behaved. A sugar rush might make your child smile a little wider for a few minutes, but will also cause mood swings afterward.

Leave Brothers and Sisters at Home

Having extra children in the audition or waiting area leads to excess noise and acts as a distraction for the child auditioning. Generally speaking, there should be at least one adult present per child.

Know Your Child’s Data

Make sure your write down your child’s current and correct date of birth, height, weight, clothing size, and shoe size. Be patient and bring toys, casting calls are a waiting game. Treat it like waiting for a flight: bring toys, healthy snacks, and patience!

Only Go to an Audition if Your Child Wants to Go

Modelling and acting can be very demanding work. It’s important that your child enjoys it. You know better than nearly anyone else whether your child is genuinely interested in acting or modelling.

Have Fun and Praise Your Child

Auditions refuse more models than they choose. This can be a great way of building resilience in children, but only if they actually enjoy the auditioning process. Whatever the outcome, celebrate afterward and be proud of their efforts. This way, you’ll be setting them up well for the next audition.

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