Client perspective on booking models

As a lot of our models will know, we’ve been working with top-end clients for some time now. From a humble beginning with bags of promise and optimism, we’ve built Models Direct into the leading commercial modelling agency around – and clients have been a crucial cog in our well-lubricated working wheel.

In a way, clients are consumers – just like customers perusing the aisles in supermarkets or window-shopping on high streets, or shoppers buying their weekly goods online. Clients usually have a clear idea on what type of models they need to make their commercials successful, so when they approach us with a brief, we use our knowledge and judgement to select the best-suited models on our books for their final say. Models should always remember this: the client chooses the models, not us. But registering with us gives models the absolute best chance of working with the clients; this is indisputable!

Clients are businesses; we are the crucial connection that makes their search for models and actors easy and hassle-free. Clients know that we have a pool of available talent, and they also know that our wonderful team are on their wavelength to put forward the right models for their requirements.

If we put ourselves in our client’s shoes (we’ll return them shortly, honest!), the following four points are absolutely decisive for them when booking models:

1. Clients can have strict deadlines; when booking models, they give us the dates and sometimes the turnaround is pretty quick! Luckily, our clients know that we have both the models and the staff to meet their modelling needs. Knowing that we can help our clients by putting forward the best talent often at a moment’s notice is crucial. Hey – it’s what we do!

2. When it comes to specifics, we are a client’s treasure trove. Clients appreciate we have a varied list of models, so if they’re looking for a particular type of talent, they can be pretty sure we can provide them what they need.

3. Our client list is varied – of course – and that means we have bookings in all parts of the UK…and, occasionally, abroad – just like Darin’s assignment in sunny Spain. Clients need to be reassured that an agency can supply the right models in the locations in which their marketing shoots are taking; it’s a bit of a “head scratcher” if an agency confirms that they have a few perfect models for their assignment, only to state that none of them can comfortably travel to the set. A client’s perspective can change if the right talent is available only in a limited geographical area!

4. Perhaps the most important perspective a client has when booking models is dependability. A mutual respect must exist between agency and client – a partnership working towards the same goals. Whether it’s a multi-national brand or a small start-up company, a client depends on us to supply them what they need to get their message across to their audience: that is, committed models they can count on.
Our models reflect our own professionalism. That’s why we’re proud to highlight the hundreds of client reviews built over years of solid work.

What’s next around the corner for us, our models and our clients? All we can is: more of the same, please! The commercial modelling industry looks in very good shape, so we look forward to proposing even more wonderful models to our loyal clients!