Your Teeth and Braces

Teeth are breaking headlines (not themselves literally, mind you), and we’re wanting them straighter, whiter and brighter. According to the British Orthodontic Society, around 200,000 adults and teens get orthodontic treatment every year so braces are very much having a major moment. If you’re a wearer, you’re definitely not alone!

Models Direct checked out who’s been in the orthodontist’s chair and interestingly a good few famous faces popped up with their shiny brackets and wires – Kylie Jenner, Tom Cruise, Christiano Ronaldo, Emma Watson and Gwen Stefani to name but a few.

Braces can help fix major dental problems such as overcrowding of teeth and correcting a misaligned bite. Aesthetically, they become part of who you are for the duration you house them. Once they’re off, it can feel pretty weird – as though something is bare and missing.

If you’re a model you can showcase them as part of your look. Our specialised category that focuses on models’ unique features and characteristics can have you and your braces beaming with your gorgeous smile accompanied by the shiny stuff. Chances are, you might be selected by a dental company to promote their products and services! So now we swiftly move on to how to brush your teeth with braces because let’s face it, for those who have worn them (hands up anyone?), it’s a tricky business. It doesn’t mean it can’t be done but it does mean it’ll take time.

Whether you have fixed or removable braces, the key is being consistent and extremely thorough. Always follow the advice of your orthodontist, dentist and hygienist about your oral care with braces because it makes it a little bit more hard work. Every time you eat, food particles may snuggle into and around your braces which could cause tooth discolouration, plaque and decay. With all the possible issues you may be dealing with your braces (i.e. tightening the wire, brackets rubbing against your mouth, mouth ulcers), don’t neglect supervision.

The best method of brushing with braces

Food loves to sit within the nooks and crannies of your teeth at the best of times. What about when you have braces? Food particles find their way into more difficult-to-reach spaces, in, and around your brackets and wires. We know it’s a pain but once you get the hang of a good oral regime, you’ll be well on your way to pearly whites, with and eventually without braces.

First things first, rinse your mouth with water to help loosen up food that might be wedged in your teeth and around your braces. Getting rid of larger debris makes cleaning a little easier to tackle.

Next, invest in a brush that is suitable for braces so you can begin your scrubbing.
Place your toothbrush on top of the brackets, angling down to brush each upper bracket at a 45-degree angle.

Then focus on the lower teeth, and angle your toothbrush upwards at a 45-degree angle and brush.
Don’t forget to brush above and below the brackets taking care to brush along the gumline to help keep plaque at bay.

Water floss like a boss

This handy device makes flossing super easy as the stream of water has the magic to reach all parts of your mouth. You just move it along your gumline, the top and base of your teeth, and in between each tooth making sure you focus a couple of seconds on each one both from the outside and the inside of your teeth. (I have one myself I cannot live without!) They aren’t expensive either and remove food debris, plaque and bacteria in tight spaces.

Don’t forget to use a good mouthwash too, and remember to brush after every meal. Yes, we know! It’s a lot of effort but trust us, it’ll be worth it in the long run!

Psssst, don’t forget to see your dentist twice a year for a regular check-up and hygienist for a clean.
Embrace your braces, they’re a part of how you look so why not take care of them and your teeth, and enjoy the dazzle and extra dimension they add to your look? After all, they’ll only be there for a few years and hopefully, before you know it, they’ll be off and your smile can really shine!