Becoming the model

Lady Luck can be a fickle beast.

She may smile on you one day, bringing optimism and good vibes, and at other times she can seem like she’s your bitter enemy.

Lady Luck can play a part in modelling. Models can arrive on set at the right times and leave with new contacts; they can be selected purely because of another model’s illness (unfortunate for the poorly model – lucky for the replacement). Models should roll with it and embrace luck, because it doesn’t occur all the time.

But a model’s success is largely influenced by something that contradicts luck. Whilst Lady Luck can rear her head at the most surprising of moments, models shouldn’t rely on her for success – that comes from perseverance, commitment and staying focused on the upcoming job.

Getting in the correct mindset for a modelling shoot is possibly the best weapon in a model’s arsenal. Staying positive can overcome plenty of obstacles and worries; a model must be upbeat and confident because a positive attitude will reflect a model’s overall performance on set. A photographer or film producer will undoubtedly detect signs of nervousness and uncertainty, so a model’s apprehension can only be their downfall.

Models need not be conceited – nobody likes arrogance. However, a calm, level-headed mindset with a confident edge is the optimal approach models should have ahead of their assignment.

But how do you to get in the right mindset for a modelling shoot?

Read on for your favourite modelling agency’s top tips:

1. Leading up to the shoot. Always plan your modelling job a couple of days in advance: clear your schedule, complete chores, sleep well and avoid dehydration. Not worrying about distractions will only improve your mindset, allowing you to concentrate on the job itself.

2. Don’t rush. Plan any transport routes so you’re not fighting rush hours and arriving on set in a fluster – or worse, late! Clear your mind and focus!

3. Avoid negativity. Not that we’re insinuating there will be any negativity, but ignore any snide comments you happen to hear or read. Release your positivity and channel it into your assignment.

4. Knowledge is power. Clients love to hear that you know a little about their business and how they operate (this is vital for promotional modelling), so a little research doesn’t go amiss. Modelling jobs are not interviews, so you won’t be interrogated, although the odd nugget of information about them always plays to a model’s advantage. You won’t be as nervous when equipped with this knowledge, giving you an extra edge and increasing self-esteem.

5. Believe in the industry. Modelling is one of the best jobs (or pastimes) going! And we’re not just saying that. Any of our models can pick-and-choose assignments, so the ball’s in your court when it comes to accepting jobs after you’ve picked by our clients. It’s enjoyable, sociable, rewarding and pretty well paid to boot! Once your mindset is primed to the fact that modelling is one of the things you genuinely want to do, it’ll spur you on to complete more jobs.

6. Reap the rewards. Congratulate yourself on a job well done. Take any plaudits with good grace, and look forward to your pay cheque.

If you have the right mindset, you can ignore Lady Luck the next time she comes calling. Have faith in our booking team, our clients, our industry, but more importantly…yourself.