Tis the season for summer weddings….

And the right time to consider bridal modelling!

This season is going to be the busiest ever for summer weddings, given all the brides and grooms-to-be who have had to put their plans on hold for the past 18 months.

Weddings are not only planned for weekends over the coming weeks, but they have also been scheduled for weekdays too to ensure those who want to tie the knot this summer are able to do so.

This summer, there will also be something extra special – even more magical than usual –about all the weddings that take place.

Not only have people had to wait, but everyone has been through such a difficult time, and we are all so looking forward to celebrating with friends and family again.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, all this talk of tying the knot and the burst of activity currently being experienced by the wedding industry has sparked strong demand for bridal models.

Bridal models (and indeed wedding models of all types, including grooms, bridesmaids and best men) are always in high demand.

From wedding dresses and other outfits to venues, florists, caterers and entertainment, marriages represent big business and that means significant amounts of advertising.

Assignments for those involved in the wedding industry can range from film and photo shoots for clothing ranges to live fashion shows, promotions and events.

They often involve female models posing as brides, but can also require male models, senior models and even child models, when couples or family groups are needed.

Real couples and families are often requested for couples modelling and family modelling, so Models Direct likes nothing better than to be able to suggest those who are in genuine relationships and households.

Despite the easing of restrictions, many of our clients are still keen to book models who are in the same social bubbles, just in case the situation changes.

So, no matter what your gender, age or experience, you and perhaps your partner or your family might be just the people to become ideal wedding models.

And if this is something you think you might be interested in trying, then contact us and tell us a little about yourself.

Featured image from a shoot with Brides Do Good