What are the different model types?

Like any industry, modelling encompasses a wide variety of different areas.

So, before you decide whether or not to try modelling yourself, it may be worth considering what you are interested in.

Models Direct has been in the business for 30 years now and mostly specialises in offering its female, male, child and pet models part-time work.

Those who accept assignments through us for our wide range of well-known clients could be helping to promote products and services in almost any area, from fashion and beauty to sports, homeware, banking, insurance and holidays.

We offer work to models of all ages, levels of experience, backgrounds, heritages and abilities.

We require plus-size, curvy, tall and petite models for assignments, as well as couples and families.

Our models accept a variety of assignments for different types of model.

Here are a few examples :

Fashion models

Fashion models are men, women and children are asked to model items of clothing and footwear. This might be at a live event, such as on a catwalk or at a fashion show or for a photo or film shoot.

Lifestyle models

Lifestyle models are also sometimes known as “everyday models.” Our clients need real people to represent genuine members of the public in their advertising and promotions. Models Direct therefore requires a broad selection of different individuals to undertake lifestyle modelling.

Commercial models

Like lifestyle models, commercial models may be employed to promote everything from high street and supermarket products to healthcare, travel and entertainment. They are often photographed or filmed enjoying the product or service in question – or they are simply pictured as content individuals leading the type of life the rest of us aspire to .

Promotional models

Promotional modelling is a live form of advertising and brand awareness. Our promotional models attend a specific event or location to help draw attention to a specific product or service. They might have to chat to members of the public, hand out leaflets and perhaps dress in a particular colour or branded outfit.

Fitting models

This is another form of live modelling – but without an audience! Fitting models are used by a clothing designer or manufacturer to check the sizes, shape and style of a garment. Fitting models have to try the item on and stand still while it is assessed and adjusted.

Fitness and sports models

Fitness modelling is where clients request a particularly sporty or fit-looking model who looks as though they may well indulge in the specific sport or form of exercise being promoted. These models may be modelling sportswear or equipment.

Bridal models

As we all know, weddings are big business these days and so Models Direct is frequently asked for models to pose as happy couples. Bridal models can be used to promote any products or services that might be associated with a wedding – and the photo or film shoot may well also involve other models who step into the role of other members of the wedding party.

Parts models

Parts models are male and female models who are employed for specific parts of their body – perhaps their hair, hands, feet or nails. They might have especially striking, attractive or unusual parts of the body that may be suitable for close-up photography. They may be employed to advertise footwear, jewellery or hair products, for example. Many parts models also undertake other kinds of modelling too.

If you are interested in a particular area of modelling, then fill in our form, send us a photo and tell us what you are keen to focus on.