Pet modelling – could my favourite, four-legged friend become a model?

If you think your purr-fect or paw-some pet is especially cute and would enjoy being the centre of attention for a spell then there’s no reason why they couldn’t become a model.

Here at Models Direct we love our star pets!

We are all huge animal-lovers and we are always on the lookout for more furry, feathered and four-legged friends to join us.

We have clients who love pet models just as much as we do and as such they approach us with regularity asking for all sorts of cute creatures to take part in their photo shoots.

Not only can animal models feature alongside female, male, child and family models in all sorts of advertising and campaigns, but, of course, they also often appear on their own.

They may be used to promote animal products and services, everything from pet food to healthcare, and to advertise anything more general – from paint and food to insurance and banking.

So why is there such a strong demand for pet models?

Well, the advertisers are very clever – after all, whose heart doesn’t melt when they see a cuddly kitten or pretty pup?

And it’s not only the typically cute creatures that we love seeing on screen – we also love animals that are funny, interesting, unusual or perhaps even have characteristics that are almost human.

So if you have any animal, from a fish to a guinea pig or a tortoise to a pony, that has something special and different about it, we would also love to hear more and see a photo.

Once you have filled in our form, we will be in touch to explain more about how the process of modelling works with us.

We need to know that your pet is used to being around people and would not be distressed near cameras, lights and human models.

Models Direct works with many well-known brands and companies and these organisations employ highly experienced production teams to manage their shoots.

If pet models are involved, they will ensure they employ a crew that is used to working with animals and, on occasion, also special animal chaperones to assist on set.

And you will be there too – you are the person who knows your pet best and your help will be invaluable.

Anyone interested in finding out more about animal modelling with us should read our reviews and blogs relating to our star pets.

For example, after working with us, gorgeous Bud the cat’s owner told us:

“Another great modelling experience for Bud!

“Charlie at Models Direct is always so kind and helpful – making sure that we had all the necessary information prior to attending the shoot and taking into account Bud’s needs as a cat model.

“The client was great – very patient with Bud, even accommodating a location change when the conservatory became too hot for Bud.

“The human model was wonderful with Bud, and we all had a smooth and stress-free experience.”

And Sammy the dog’s owner said:

“Sammy and I had our first booking this week: filming with a group of students at a veterinary surgery in Bracknell.

“Models Direct was very helpful and ensured we had all of the information we needed but also made us feel comfortable going into our first booking.

“The film crew members were all very friendly and respectful of Sammy’s age and his mood on the day and were happy to take direction from me.

“We had a great time!”