New Year….Same You?

Lose weight, join the gym, eat well…..we’ve heard it all before, but do New Year resolutions really work and does anyone stick to them?

The beginning of a new year is almost like a ‘reset’ button for many of us, we feel a pressure to better ourselves, make changes to our lifestyle which we don’t seem to have been able to do at any other point of the year, what it is this all about and is it not OK to just stay the same?

Making beneficial changes to your health and lifestyle can only be a good thing, the Models Direct Head office seems to be chocolate free at the minute which is unusual and many of us have new exercise regimes in place, all good, realistic? possibly not!

Research suggests that 80% of new year resolutions fail by mid February, you may think you are one of the 20% who will stick to a new regime and that’s great, but the majority of us are expected to feel a wave of guilt and failure of giving up on our new found motivation within the next few weeks – that can’t be good for anyone!

In an attempt to avoid this vicious cycle, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Am I happy as I am – do I want to change in anyway?
  • What small changes could I make to reach my end goal?
  • How can I motivate myself to stay on track? What is my incentive for this change?
  • How will I measure my success of making this change?

The Models Direct team are talking with models everyday, many of them discussing their goals, what assignments they would like to win and focusing heavily on how they want to change or improve their appearance to further their modelling career. This is all great and shows huge determination and dedication, but long lasting change starts with baby steps. For example, no crash diet is going to help you lose weight long term, the same as one mad sesh in the gym will not give you the toned bod you’re longing for! Long term change comes from perseverance and small daily changes, you have to really want it and ensure your expectations are realistic and achievable.

If you have made the decision you would like to make a change then understand we all have the freedom and the power to do this at any time – you don’y need to wait until 1st January!

The team at Models Direct wish you a very happy new year and remember how incredible and capable you really are!

Let’s do this 2020!!