‘Tricks of the trade’ to make yourself more confident

Here’s a philosophical question to kick this blog off:

A gold Incan necklace dating back to the 15th century is buried under two metres of soil deep in the Peruvian jungle – undiscovered and completely unknown to humans. How much is the piece of jewellery worth?

Hmm…there’s a bit of a head-scratcher right there. Well, the conundrum is actually easier to answer than you’d think. The necklace is about 600 years old, it’s made of a precious metal, and it belonged to a notable ancient civilization, so it must be worth a significant figure, surely?

The decisive factor in the question is that the necklace is unknown by those that could place a value on it. Therefore, because the Incan artefact remains anonymous, its value is zero!

What’s this teaser got to do with confidence? Specifically, what’s the relevance of the question with modelling?

The above question demonstrates the value of something when not seen or discovered. Models may well have the look and skills necessary to succeed, but if casting directors or agencies are not aware of them, then a model’s success is likely to go unnoticed – much like the Incan necklace.

And a huge part of getting noticed lies in the confidence of models. Models should not be conceited or arrogant, but models need to have self-belief. Very few of us are totally happy all the time – that’s a basic fact of life, folks – although it pays huge dividends in the modelling industry to overcome personal adversity and propel one’s self into enjoyable, well-paid modelling assignments (of which we have hundreds!)

There are some “tricks of the trade” to make yourself more confident – both at work and socially. Read on to explore five ways to enhance confidence and give you the best chance in front of the cameras:

1. Body language. Even when you choose to remain silent, your body can convey messages to others around you with its very own “language”. Be more relaxed when stationary, try not to cross your arms, and adopt a wider stance when standing. Generally, be more “open” and supple, and go with the flow.

2. Communication. Adopt a mindset that allows you to take an interest in subjects you didn’t before. Interact with more people, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and try mixing with both circles of friends and strangers.

3. Appearance. Ever get the feeling of déjà vu in the wardrobe department? Have you worn the same clothes two days’ in a row? Know which styles and sizes are the best fit, and invest in some brand spanking new outfits – this includes footwear, as it’s a fact that new shoes makes us happier, and thus more confident. How about a new haircut to boot? Incidentally, nothing says “confidence” more than a beaming smile!

4. Ability. Have faith in your capabilities, but be realistic. Success (if not experienced already) may just be around the corner.  

5. Ambition. How do you see yourself in the future? Having a dream with a view to realising it can generate sparks of confidence because there is a goal you can reach after a long time yearning for it. With no ambitions, confidence is largely redundant!

Don’t be that Incan necklace hidden in the jungle, waiting to be seen. Don’t be afraid to change aspects of your life, because you’re the one in charge of your own destiny….with confidence, things can only be brighter, bigger and more enjoyable!

Confidence really is the key. Use it to unlock doors of opportunity!