How much does a child model make?

Children are inquisitive, imaginative, charismatic and burst full of rip-roaring fun, laughter and amazing abilities. To add to their collection of strengths, they can be outgoing and adventurous which makes the perfect recipe for the outline of this blog.

Models Direct look into the wonderful world of children and the talents and skills they can gain.

Since we are a top UK modelling agency seeking talent all over the country, we really like to focus on those who are aged between 2 and 12. This modelling division is so vast with a large age range from such a captivating market. It brings an added flair of character to companies advertising ventures, making adverts memorable and relatable. (Think of the wonderful ads for Mercedes Benz – besides the actual product, children have been the driving force for the creation of classic marketing just as one example).

And if you’re wondering, child models do earn money for their skills and time. Money can be a topic which parents and guardians can explain and discuss to help aid their children’s understanding about the world of work, where it is stored, how it should be taken care of and then used wisely.

How much a child model can make is dependent on a few factors as it varies from assignment to assignment.

Who the client is, plays an influential role when budgeting the project. Big brands will be prepared to spend a higher price whilst smaller brands will budget according to their means.

Location – If a child model’s assignment entails travelling far regionally or even internationally then they will see their earnings rise. Added to the bonuses of being a model, travel expenses will be paid straight up or reimbursed. Luckily our child models have had the chance to visit new areas with their family and friends and do some sightseeing in between shoots and filming.

Duration: The length of a project fluctuates from one project to the next. Sometimes things don’t always go according to plan either which can add on extra time when tying up loose ends. Schedules could be modified on the go or in advance if the client wishes to adapt their brief. However, models will be compensated for their time thus impacting their income for the job.

So, back to the main question in this blog – just how much does a child model make? 

Well, based on all the factors mentioned they can earn anywhere between £100 to several thousand. Having a reputable modelling agency guiding their journey as opposed to going solo and doing all the hard work themselves (or rather their family or friends) is the best position to be in.

An agency can negotiate the fees for the child model and agree with their parents or guardians before work commences. This then gives them a clear picture of what the star of the show will be taking home. It can be challenging and daunting if this process isn’t done with the backing of a modelling agency so looking for a solid, long-standing and expert company is key.

Models Direct have been in the industry for 30 years gaining knowledge, insight and invaluable experience in the modelling world. They know what’s what and how to carry out all the processes including the negotiation stage. The figure that is quoted and negotiated with our expert team is then passed onto the parents or guardians of the child to see if they agree and would like to proceed. If they do then the assignment is officially booked and the fun can begin.

If you have a child who you would like to put forward as a model, get in touch with us today!