Autumn has arrived – and it is time to start taking some fabulous photos of your star pets!

Yes, autumn is well and truly here – the greenery around us is turning to yellow, gold and red and the new season is bringing with it some gorgeous natural light.

Models themselves will want to get out and about to take some new shots for their e-portfolios and pet owners might also decide that now is the time to get snapping.

At Models Direct we love to see new images of our superb star pets – and of course, the better the pictures you give us, the more your cute kitten or perfect pup will stand out.

To show just how up to date your pets’ images are, it is always a good idea to ensure they truly reflect the current season and autumn is a most wonderful time for doing this.

Those with larger animals – ponies, donkeys and horses, for example – will have no problem at all carrying out a photo shoot against a great autumnal backdrop.

Take your four-legged friend to some beautiful woodland or along a scenic bridleway where the magnificent colours of autumn are gloriously resplendent.

Ensure he or she is well groomed and the rich colours of his or her shiny fur is sure to look its absolute best against such complementary shades.

Happy hounds are also easy enough to take out to picturesque autumnal settings.

Throw a ball or encourage your waggy-tailed chum to jump up for his favourite toy and get someone else to take an autumnal shot that will be pure animal magic.

Smaller pets, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoises, and, of course, cats, are probably best photographed in the safe confines of your home.

But there’s no reason you still can’t have some seasonal fun.

Before you undertake your photo shoot, head out on a long woodland walk or perhaps take a stroll through your local park.

Bring a bag along and pick up a few autumnal bits and pieces as you go: these might include interesting and colourful leaves, conkers and pine cones.

Take these home to your own sunny garden and use them as props as you encourage your cuddlesome creatures to pose beside them.

If you don’t have outside space that you can use, then consider creating a mini studio at home.

Find a corner of a room with a plain background, pop your pet on a throw or piece of fabric in an earthy brown, olivey green or rusty red and then bring out your autumnal accessories.

After all, what could be cuter at this time of year than a kitten batting about a pine cone or a bunny twitching its nose at a bright red maple leaf?