Comparing Yourself to Other Models & Why it Doesn’t Work

Our MD team always put our thinking caps on to bring you current and relevant reading about the modelling industry, and what working life is like with our top UK talent and modelling agency. Some of the topics we talk about discuss challenges models can experience. Let’s face it, modelling is a diverse, inclusive and interesting profession particularly when you join Models Direct but there are times, like with everything in life, that may make it feel a bit tricky, tough or not worth the trouble. In this reading we shine the spotlight on a challenge many find themselves facing – comparisons to other models (and why this doesn’t work).

If you’re looking for inspiration, learning from those who are at the pinnacle of their career is one way to develop and grow. Mirroring someone else’s success using similar ideas and their mindset can help you to learn how they made it in their field. Looking at iconic models such as Cindy Crawford and David Gandy, aspiring models can study their life, and maybe walk in their footsteps into the modelling industry.
But what might happen along this route of mirroring others? Unrealistic expectations? Unhealthy comparisons?

It’s human nature to compare yourself to others but it can be unproductive and lower your self-esteem if you keep gravitating towards it. Negative feelings can start to overtake you, and you might feel your thoughts shifting from positivity to negativity. Here are some reasons why comparing yourself to others doesn’t work.

You disregard your individuality

There’s only one you full stop. Your unique, one-of-a-kind characteristics and traits do not match any others. There’s no one in the world like you so if you begin to compare yourself to others you lose sight of what makes you special. This can increase feelings of inadequacy and make you doubt yourself, lowering your self-confidence.

You may develop an unrealistic expectation

You might set the bar too high when scrutinising yourself. Expecting perfection is not realistic or a healthy approach to self-care and self-love. Even though we know no one is perfect we tend to think otherwise when looking at images, be it retouched, when making comparisons. Don’t be too tough on yourself and remember that images you see are usually altered.

You may neglect your personal development and progress

When focusing too much on impractical thoughts surrounding models you look up to, you might neglect your journey as a model. If this has happened you might not be able to maximise your modelling career because you’re stuck in a loop.

Remember you’re special and you’ve got a lot to give so don’t waste time comparing yourself to others. It’ll take time to unravel, step back and undo this but take your time. It won’t happen overnight, certainly, if it’s something you’re accustomed to. Be patient with yourself; be kind and appreciate your beautiful qualities.