Another great reason to be active..

If you’re a sports fanatic or a regular gym goer, you might already have the qualities needed to be a successful sports model. Most sporting types are dedicated and enjoy burning calories, even if they’re not professional and only spend a couple of days a week donning Lycra or putting on a tracksuit. Sports models don’t have to be sportspeople, though. If you’re a strict healthy-eater and have a toned physique, modelling could be a genuinely realistic option. Of course, it helps if you’re comfortable around sports equipment, but there are opportunities for anyone who simply looks good in sports clothes.

BUT – if you answer in the affirmative to the following questions, a career as a sports model could be right up your street: 

  • Do you enjoy tennis or other racquet sports?
  • Are you capable on a football or rugby pitch (even if you say so yourself!)?
  • Do you have gym membership and like to take advantage of it regularly?
  • Is your figure favourable when sporting tight-fitting vests, shorts, or leggings?
  • Do you like running a few circuits of an athletics track?
  • Are you the type who wakes up at 8am to take part in boot camp training – and it’s your idea of a good time?
  • Are you a personal trainer, or yoga practitioner? 
  • Do you have a low body fat percentage?

A few “yes’s” to any of the above is a clear advantage in your quest to becoming a sports model. Also, it helps if you’re good looking! Plus – there are opportunities for both men and women, so the world of sports modelling is an open invitation for anyone who stays active and relishes keeping in tip-top condition.

Perhaps the best aspect of being a sports model is the feeling when an assignment goes perfectly, the model knowing all that hard work has paid off. Sports models rarely have an ideal modelling physique without putting in extensive effort; what’s better than getting paid by notable clients by starring in campaigns and promotions because you’ve cared for your body and lived a healthy life? 

With so many sports / fitness products out there, it’s hardly surprising sports models are in demand. But this makes it super competitive, although this shouldn’t put off athletes looking to dip their toes in the modelling industry. After all, competition is what makes sport popular, and models are no different. Sports models are confident, realistic, and always looking to better themselves. Pushing oneself and going the extra yard is what keeps them in perfect condition – and they love the workouts! 

Sports models don’t have to be narcissistic, but many are partial to practicing certain poses in front of a mirror. Lace up your trainers, put on your favourite tracksuit top and see how good you look serving a tennis ball. How about doing some squats with a barbell, or simulating a runner’s position before a 100m sprint? Perfecting sporting poses may also make you more comfortable on set – any little tips you pick up about the industry could pay dividends. 

Find out more here to become a sports model with us. Just think when you next visit the gym or play your next sports match and your friends ask what you’ve been up to…being a sports model is one of the most enviable jobs going, providing you continue working hard!