Keen to be a hair and beauty model? Follow these three winter tips…

Hair and beauty account for a huge and essential part of the modelling industry and certainly offer a multitude of opportunities for anyone keen to break into the business.

From appearing in advertising campaigns and on product packaging to taking part in magazine shoots, modelling agencies such as Models Direct have clients with all sorts of exciting requirements.

Long or short – black, blonde or auburn – hairstyles of almost any kind can be high demand, just as female models and male models with different skin tones and eye colour can also be required for make-up and other advertising.

In addition to following the trends, anyone keen to become a hair or beauty model needs to do their best to look after their own luscious locks and prevent their skin from becoming too dry and flaky.

And at this time of year, this can require a little more help than usual!

Colder weather, harsher winds and constant central heating can all take their toll, so why not follow these three simple winter tips along with our other modelling advice?

After all, as Christmas approaches and we come to the end of such a difficult year, who doesn’t feel in need of a little extra pampering….

1. Moisturise

It goes without saying that we should all moisturise daily to protect our skin, but this should be done far more rigorously in the colder months. Don’t be tempted to give up your SPF product, just because there is less sunshine – harmful rays can still cause skin damage. Remember to moisturise your hands too: with all this constant hand washing we are all doing, our skin is being stripped of essential oils. Wearing gloves and using gentle soap can help but still try to moisturise several times a day. Lips also need special moisturising treatment at this time of year, so invest in a heavy duty balm. And don’t forget to moisturise your hair too. In addition to conditioning it regularly, try a moisturising hair mask once in a while. In fact, why not jot that down on your Christmas list? It will be easy enough for Santa to pop a hair and a face mask into your stocking to keep you looking your best into the new year.

2. Oil

To complement any moisturising you are doing, it can be helpful to oil as well. This will not only help to lock in the moisture but can also keep your skin soft and supple. Add oil to your bath to help soften your hands and feet. Invest in hair oils and serums to keep your locks looking sleek during

the colder weather. Try not to strip natural oils from your hair by putting your hairdryer and straighteners down this season. Most of us won’t be partying as much as usual this Christmas, so why not make the most of a bad situation by giving your hair a break from intense levels of heat and lots of styling products?

3. Eat and drink well

You are what you eat – and what you drink too! It is very easy to become dehydrated in the autumn and winter when body temperatures shoot up and down unnaturally as we come in and out from the cold. Becoming dehydrated can have a negative effect on your hair and skin. Drink lots of water, keep an eye on your alcohol levels and try not to have too many cups of coffee, however tempting they may be when it’s cold! Eating a balanced diet, with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, will also help you to maintain your natural glow. We all deserve a few treats over Christmas but try to keep these to just two or three days. Once the festive season is over, put the chocolate and crisps away, dig out the smoothie maker and try to get back to maintaining a healthy lifestyle as quickly as you can.