Modelling Trends for 2019

2018 has been a fantastic year for Models Direct and with industry trends continually changing, we are predicting 2019 could be a very exciting year indeed!!

The Models Direct Assignments Department have seen a growing demand from clients looking for genuine ‘model families’, in the past agents here have created a model family for particular jobs, however more and more now clients are asking for the families to be real.

Models Direct represent some fantastic model families, a lot of which have been successfully selected for assignments this year, some earning some big money!

Become a Model Family

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The advantage of the families being real are many; logistically it’s easier for an agent to coordinate and manage the booking, travel, timings, paperwork etc is very much more straight forward with just one set of parents.

Chemistry is something a Photographer or Casting Director will be looking for when sourcing a model family and so this is much more natural and instant if the family are real and feel comfortable with each other, it speeds the process up and avoids any unnecessary personality conflicts. Being on set for children can be very daunting to, so it’s much easier for them if they are playing a role with their real mum and dad by their sides than someone pretending they are.

The Models Direct are looking to recruit more model families in 2019, so if modelling is something you like the idea of and your partner and kids do too then we are on the look out for a diverse range of new model families to join the Models Direct books!

2018 has also seen a growing demand for Curve models, with the industry becoming more aware of the need for diversity in the fashion industry agencies are recruiting curvier models.

Models Direct has always represented all sizes, ‘size is not an issue’ for us or ability, so we have successfully been able to place plus size models and models with disabilities in assignments this year, however we would like to expand more in this area and Internationally also.

In high fashion modelling, curve models are considered size 12 or above, this isn’t so much the case in commercial modelling, with the average UK female being a size 14, curve models are usually size 16 or above.

The growing theme across the industry is ‘Diversity’ and that is something that we are seeing in all aspects of modelling – it’s very refreshing, exciting and will develop throughout 2019.

If you would like to get involved in modelling and think you have what it takes then please visit the website or subscribe to the blog.