Autumn is here

Are you feeling autumnal yet?

This year is flying by, isn’t it? It’s not all bad news, because it means that although summer has departed for this year, you’ve all been super-busy and enjoying the sun.

Autumn isn’t all doom-and-gloom. Far from it. A recent poll found that 22% of Brits who voted found autumn to be their favourite season. Autumn was tied with summer as the favourite time of the year for 18-24 year olds, with 29% of the age group finding the autumnal shift a particular welcomed change.
Just as we all evolve and change our looks, so does the world. It’s a wonder of nature, if you think about it. There are all sorts of biological and geographical influences that create different landscapes, and the seasons play a huge part in the rich diversity of Mother Earth. Meteorological changes around the world produce impressive photo opportunities, and autumn is too good a season to pass up on making Instagram reels, vivid photos and other social media videos.

Capturing your look in autumn is a sure-fire way for models to successfully present their appearance to us. Models know that an outdated portfolio can work against them because our clients need to see a model’s true reflection; as the climate and surroundings change, so should your photos and reels. We’re not suggesting every model suddenly goes out to get new tattoos on a whim or that they update their hairstyle just because the season has changed; your appearance is personal and you have complete control over it. But autumn really does provide glorious natural scenarios for models to modify their portfolios.

Consider the following:

1. How about taking glorious snaps in leafy woodlands? Capture the real essence of an autumnal scene to really boost your portfolio.

2. Leaves changing colour is the quintessential “postcard perfect” autumn image. Use them to your advantage!

3. Portfolios should be packed with clear, varied photos and reels. Why not go “off piste” and explore coastal regions, castles and moorlands? Every rosy-cheeked model can capture amazing images given the perfect setting.

4. Think of the amount of brands that promote their fashion products ahead of a bumper autumn season: wellington boots, stylish coats, scarves, woolly hats…let us know how good you look when you’re rocking these items!

5. Are you a dog owner? If not, why not ask a friend to take their dog for their daily walk so you can capture the best of both worlds: you looking splendid against an autumnal background and the friendly pooch lapping up the scenery. It could spark the start of a beautiful relationship between human and hound, and your new four-legged friend could be one of our superb pet models.

Don’t be left behind – start your autumn shoots right now. Our clients may well be looking for the perfect model to fulfil their autumn marketing campaigns earlier than you think; after all, planning is everything! So don’t leave it to the last moment!