Acting on set

You’ve received some good news that goes straight into your iPhone calendar, something that you’ll be looking forward to until the day arrives: a lavish party invitation. You can decide whether the black knee-length dress with velvet borders is more suitable than the navy blue bell-bottomed trousers later on…but for now, you’re too excited to think about the details.

Then, a sinking feeling creeps in, a sudden unfamiliar wave of anxiety: the realisation that the invitation isn’t a “plus one”, so you’re on your own. Though you’re a gregarious, fun-loving sort (ideal credentials for commercial modelling), the sheer amount of strangers at the party sends you into a nervous freefall. Will you cope? Will you actually enjoy the party? Is it even worth attending?

It’s natural, of course. Modelling on set with strangers is a similar scenario. You may think that the assignment is going to go well (or if you’re as confident as models should be), you’ll know it’s going to be a success. However, working with other models can present some uncertainties even among experienced models.

So, what are Models Direct’s top tips to feel comfortable when working with other models on set? We’ve been industry leaders for well over 30 years, and we’ve been inundated with feedback from countless models, so our advice stems from both our professionalism and our gifted model’s experience.

Tips to help you feel comfortable when pretending to be ‘friends/partner/family’ with an unknown model

1. Being relaxed on set (whether you’re the only model or working with others) can evolve a couple of days before the shoot. Negate last minute nerves by eating well, knowing where and who you are meeting with, and by getting in some crucial hours’ sleep.

2. Be punctual. This goes without saying!

3. Try to seek out other models as soon as possible. Though modelling with strangers can be daunting, introducing yourself before the cameras start rolling is a must to release a bit of tension. Smile, be approachable, and share a laugh or two.  You’ll no doubt have similar interests as the other models, so use your chemistry to your advantage.

4. Clients know that models need to gel on set. Pretending to be a family or partners requires good chemistry. This is where being relaxed and confident in your ability comes into play. Be professional, but not rigid. Go with the follow, and follow directions.

5. Get to know the crew on set: from directors to photographers and everyone behind the scenes, be courteous and ready to please.

6. Above all, enjoy the experience. Modelling is one of the few well-paid jobs where workers are encouraged to express themselves and relish the opportunity to socialise with like-minded people.

There’s minimal pressure whilst modelling on set. Though there are client expectations, bookings are fun and are a great chance to meet like-minded people. Go with the flow, and look forward to even more Models Direct jobs.