How Much Can I Expect to Earn as an MD Model?

Great question!

When you embark on a new career journey, one of the top questions you would usually ask is how much you expect to earn. When we have a world where inflation has gone a bit mad, it’s not surprising that this is questioned. So, our MD team put our thinking caps on and want to demystify this question for you in this latest blog. We hope this helps, and if it doesn’t, you’re always welcome to contact our expert team to ask any burning questions that we might not have covered.

So, without further ado – let’s go!

Models – whoever you are – you will be guaranteed money after you’ve completed your booking. Any legitimate agency will ensure that this happens because, by law, it’s your right that you’re paid for your time and expertise. But how much, and does it differ if you’re a first-time model or if you’ve been in the biz for a respectable amount of time?

Newbie Vs Pro

Naturally, there’ll be a difference if you’re new to the scene in comparison to a model who has been called for a multitude of bookings. Someone high in demand will take home a bigger pay cheque, but that doesn’t mean that if you’re stepping into the profession for the first time, you’ll earn a small amount. Rest assured that a committed agency (ahem, like Models Direct) will be ready at the negotiating table to come to a fair price. We put ourselves in your shoes and if we’re not happy, then we know you won’t be either.

After the payment has been declared, we hand it over to you. You’ll only sign the contract if you’re happy with the price and with all the other logistics revolving around the modelling work. You could earn, drum roll now, please, anywhere from a hundred pounds to a few hundred or even in the thousands – we kid you not.

Payment depends on who the client is and the scale of the work. Will you be working with an individual, micro business, start-up or fully-fledged industry giant? The business size will also have a part to play with how much you’re set to earn.

Our payment system

When you’ve completed a job, you’ll receive a healthy pay cheque within a week. Why a pay cheque and not a bank transfer, you ask? Well, there are a few reasons why we still adopt this old-fashioned method of payment as opposed to the modern system. Here’s a quick roundup of why:

Our pay cheques come with a personalised “thank you” to show our models that we’re proud of their work and we appreciate their time and dedication to the job.

We believe that when our models receive a pay cheque, they feel the fruits of their labour.

Our team agrees that when it lands in their hands, they have the opportunity to show it to our audience on our socials or their own!

And that’s a wrap. We know this blog was short and snappy; we appreciate that everyone’s running behind time but if there’s anything we’ve missed, please reach out to our team and we’ll be happy to answer anything and everything related to our modelling world.