How does a model booking work? What should I expect?

The wonderful thing about modelling is that no two assignments are ever the same.

The sheer variety of shoots, projects, campaigns, locations, crew members and other models keeps it exciting, vibrant and always different.

But our process here at Models Direct tends to stay the same and there are some things that can be expected from most bookings.

So for models who have not yet been out on their first assignment and those who are considering joining us, this is what you should expect:

1 Our clients request a certain type of model (or models) from us and we supply them with a selection who are the right age, gender and size – and who have exactly the right look. 

2 Our client makes the final selection and we confirm that the model is happy to accept the job, taking into account timings, location and fee etc.

3 The model’s main point of contact within our team at Models Direct will stay in touch and update you with details of the job as necessary. This will include where to go, when, what to wear and whether you need to bring anything along with you. If there are any problems on the day itself they will also be on the end of the phone to answer your questions or iron out any problems.

4 On the day of the shoot, you need to arrive in good time and make contact with the person you have been told to ask for. They will explain the running order of the day, when you are likely to be required and whether you need to go to make-up or wardrobe at any particular time.

5 Crew or production team members on the day will include a photographer or camera person. Depending on the size of the project, there may also be a director, location manager, sound or lighting engineer, make-up person and wardrobe or costume team member. You could well find there are other models taking part in the shoot too and there may be a catering crew serving refreshments.

6 You are likely to find the day is extremely busy. It is important to listen to and follow instructions and to ensure you know exactly where you need to be and when. It should also be great fun, however, and you will enjoy getting to know the crew and other models.

7 If possible, we would like you to take some behind the scenes photos and footage of the day to show us how it went. These can be a few quick snaps of the set, location and other models as they are being filmed.

8 After the assignment, we will check in with you to see how it went. We will ask you to give us your feedback as this is very helpful to us and other models and we will ensure you are paid promptly.

Overall, your assignment should be a very positive and memorable experience.

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And if you join us and then go on to accept a booking with us please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions! We are here to help.