Do you know how a commercial agency works?

A model’s success depends on several factors: communication, knowledge, application and determination.

Whilst we know our models are happy in their work, we are always advising our models not to rest on their laurels and to keep abreast of the latest progressions in our industry.

One development we’re particularly eager to tell our models about is a one-way communication between us and our models. Our “phone tour” of our agency is an idea we came up with to increase clarity and encourage more interaction with you – our gifted models – and us – your favourite modelling agency.

Some agencies are unproductive, only looking for the next short-term applicant and not looking at the bigger picture. We’re the opposite. We’re constantly looking to improve on our winning formula, and so we ask our models to get in touch with us to dispel any concerns they may have.  

Knowing how an industry-leading commercial agency works can assist models massively. Wading through small-print and red tape can be a necessity in some circles, but we’ve always believed that these formalities can hinder rather than help. Therefore, our coordinators at Models Direct HQ are on-hand during office hours to talk models through our procedures and how we work, giving them the knowledge and reassurance to concentrate on what models do best – and that’s starring in profitable assignments for our clients.

Models sometimes forget that help is available to them. But it’s not just assistance we offer as part of how we operate. Oh no – we’re much more than that! By creating more of a “phone scenario” we can describe in more detail why we’re the no.1 commercial modelling agency in the UK. Some of the things you could quiz us on to cement our glowing reputation might include:

·       A little bit more about our booking process.

·       Who we are (well, we’re friendly industry professionals with the tools to make your modelling career flourish!)

·       Travelling and expenses.

·       What our clients are looking for.

By giving our models the chance to interact with us is a mutually beneficial process. We always love hearing from models, and the more we know about you, the greater the chances we can put you forward for suitable work. Models who are interested in how we work can only gain more knowledge, which will help them in the long-run.

Models Direct’s success speaks for itself. Our transparency and candour is what makes us stand out from the rest of the pack, so we’re excited to let our models know about our telephone tour scenario.

You’ll undoubtedly have the drive to make your assignments go with a bang, and we’re sure the more you know how we work, the greater desire you’ll have to achieve even better things for both yourself and our clients.

Don’t be shy! Think of us as your One-stop Information Highway into how we work, and how you can gain more insight. We’re here for you, and we’re just one phone call away!