Castings and auditions – DOs and DON’TS for our models and actors

There is nothing quite as exciting as being called to a casting session or an audition.

Most of the models supplied by Models Direct go through a process where we select a group of people who match our client’s requirement and then our client makes the final choice.

For certain jobs, however, especially those where more acting is required, our models or actors may be asked to attend a casting call or to audition for a part.

Here are a few DOs and DON’Ts for those lucky enough to be asked to attend:


*Make sure you know exactly where to be and at what time

*Arrive early and make sure you know who to ask for

*Find out whether you should be dressed in any particular way

*Bring along a bottle of water and a snack to give you energy

*Find out whether you need to prepare anything before arriving – a song, a dance or some lines, perhaps

*Make sure you know your lines (or your song or dance) inside out and upside down

*Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse – and rehearse again –  ahead of time

*Treat the casting call or audition as a learning process – watch how it works, talk to others who are also attending, and pick up hints and suggestions that might help you next time

*Try to enjoy yourself – attending a casting call or audition is a nerve-wracking experience but it can be great fun too!


*Be late!

*Turn up without knowing what you are supposed to be doing

*Forget your script or other material you have been asked to work from

*Let the nerves overwhelm you – try a few mindfulness or relaxation techniques to help you stay calm

*Be disappointed if you aren’t successful this time round. There may be lots of reasons why someone is not selected and remember that no-one can be chosen every time!