How to Stay Fresh and Energetic on Set – Advice from Models

A model’s lifestyle can be quite demanding. Early morning wake-ups, attending numerous castings, working on set for long hours and attending industry events could be part of the package. So, how do you stay fresh and feel energetic with the potentially long hours?
Models Direct will reveal what our models do to stay on top of the fatigue, so take a moment to sit back, relax and enjoy the read – it won’t take long and it’ll be worth it!

Stay hydrated
Our models cannot emphasise this enough, but drinking plenty of water is important for staying fresh and energetic. They have their trusty bottles on set to quench their thirst whenever need be because it does get hot under the studio lights and when it’s a busy space. Water is a powerful refreshing liquid as it helps regulate our body temperature and maintain good metabolism, aids digestion, helps flush out toxins, improves physical and mental performance and maintains healthy skin, hair and eyes. All this from drinking a glass of water? Yup!

Get enough sleep
Maintaining a healthy sleep schedule is another tip our models offer. Sleep helps you to restore your physical and mental energy, supports healthy brain function, improves memory and concentration, boosts your immune system and regulates hormones and metabolism. Wow, and just from a good night’s rest? No excuses now – get the zzzz’s you need!

Nutritious foods, please!
You are what you eat, right? This is a message conveyed directly by our modelling talent – feed your body wholesome foods because you’re going to need them! Heavy assignments will mean you’ll get hungry over the day, and even though you’ll be offered food as part of the modelling package, keep some fruit, energy bars and even energy tablets handy (be careful with nuts due to potential nut allergy!)

Take breaks and stretch when feeling tired
It’s important to get a bit of downtime during the day, so our models recommend catching a 20-30 minutes nap in the afternoon if you get the chance.
Stretching is also another tip as it increases blood flow and oxygenation to muscles, helps to relieve stress and supports relaxation which is really helpful towards feeling recharged and ready so when you feel the urge to do it, go for it.

Exercise regularly
We keep mentioning exercise, but that’s because we care, and our models say the same. Exercise and exercise regularly as it helps to boost energy levels and improve blood circulation. It has so many positives you really can’t afford to miss out on creating an exercise schedule to re-energise your batteries. If you’re pressed for time, squeezing in any movement like a quick walk will suffice.

Limit caffeine intake
You might need a hot beverage to get you through the day’s photoshoot but limiting your caffeine intake is a good idea recommended by our models. They have complained about the jitters, anxiety, and restlessness which aren’t great in any situation, least of all when surrounded by people on set. Common complaints are also regular trips to the loo and an upset belly, sleep patterns being disrupted, an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, and dependency. Sorry guys, we know you love your morning flat white, afternoon latte and evening tea (did we get the selection right?), but best to cut back on the wake-me-up, adrenaline-fuelling drinks so you can keep yourself fresh and energetic without a stimulant.

Use refreshing skincare
Applying your favourite skin-cooling hero like a face mask or if you’re limited for time then a gel formula like a cooling body moisturiser can wake your skin up and your mind says one of our models. The calming sensation will help relax and refresh you, hopefully making you feel energetic for the rest of the modelling day’s work!

The roundup
Despite a model’s lifestyle being hectic, you can stay on top of the fatigue by applying Models Direct’s stay fresh and energetic tips as recommended by our models. If they’ve missed out on any, DM us. We’d love to hear from you!