Top tips for looking your scariest this Halloween

Calling all scary spiders and ghastly ghosts!

Halloween is almost here, and it is time to start thinking about how to scare the living daylights out of your friends and family….

From tiny tots to those approaching their teens, youngsters of all ages – including child models – will be planning what to wear on the most terrifying night of the year.

Getting ready for Halloween need not necessarily mean spending a fortune on dressing up clothes, however….here are three of our spooky suggestions for you to try at home

1. Make some bat wings

Fancy going a bit batty this Halloween? Create a pair of bat wings that will look good enough to grace any junior model. The key ingredient here is an old umbrella, which hopefully you can dig out from behind the coats and boots, where it lies long forgotten. Cut it in half and away from the handle. Take the section you have removed and use safety pins to fix it by its cut edge on to each of the underarms of an old black hoodie. As Benny or Betty the bat raises and drops his or her arms, the wings should open and close. Top tip: use black gaffer tape to cover any nasty or sharp edges. Stitch ears on to the hood or the hoodie to complete the batty look!

2. Make a fake wound

Older children might like to try to make themselves a gruesome fake wound, using PVA glue, a tissue and red poster paint. Do remember to check with your parents or carer before getting the glue and paint out, however! Paint a thin layer of glue on to the back of your hand; rip your tissue into pieces and press one piece on to the glue. Add another layer of glue and then repeat the tissue layer. Do this a few times, wrinkling and moulding the tissue for effect, here and there as you go. Leave the glue and tissue to dry, then apply your red paint. Your hand should look grisly and gory enough for any Halloween fun!

3. Have tutu much fun

Tiny terrors might like to take part too and a colourful tutu can be used in a myriad of ways to keep them entertained on Halloween. Make one yourself from an old piece of fabric or netting and elastic or pick one up for a few pounds from the supermarket. Pop a green, blue or purple tutu over a pair of stripy tights if your little one would like to be a witch – or opt for a black tutu over black trousers to make them into a Halloween cat. A dot of make-up on the nose and some whiskers drawn on to their face will complete the look. Even cuter still, try pulling an orange tutu over a tiddly tot’s onesie, so they can join in the fun as a Halloween pumpkin!

Some of our child models had their own Halloween fun with face paints when they were booked through Models Direct for an assignment by Snazaroo.

These crazy colours can be used to transform your lovely little ones into anything from marvellous monsters to wonderful witches.

Our junior models had the time of their lives dressing up and will no doubt have picked up some magical Halloween make-up tips at the same time!

This is what they (or their grown-up!) had to say:

Ben, aged nine:

Modelling for Snazaroo was a very exciting experience, I felt a bit scared at first but everything went well. The staff there made me feel welcome and they were very nice. I enjoyed dressing up and having face painting done, but the best bit was posing for the camera. I have gained lots of confidence from this job and also learnt how to relax and have some fun at the same time. If you like modelling then you should go ahead and try it. It is good to have an agent. I have been a member for three years but not had any assignments until now – my mum said she never updated my profile though, so that is probably why. My mum signed me and my little sister up as she said we were good posers – so thank you to her and thank you Talent Management for the experience.

Final images of model Ben

Christian, aged seven:

Christian loved the assignment. It involved face painting and was fun. I will definitely recommend the experience to others. Christian loved modelling a lot and decided he wanted to join Talent Management himself to get the experience and money.”