Modelling the perfect ‘return to school’ accessory

Perhaps the only item to showcase your individuality amongst a sea of school uniforms…the faithful school backpackwhich ones will the students of 2020 be modelling?

Backpacks have been an essential item for a while now. Many people enjoy wearing one as they’re a helpful accessory for keeping those arms free whilst carrying a load of necessary supplies on the back. From school children through to teens at secondary, college and onto university, backpacks have been filling our educational world and essentials for years now and plenty more to come. They’ve become ingrained in student’s checklist of important school supplies.

Now that we’re all easing back to “normality” as best as we can given the current situation, children, teens and adults will be seen sporting the handy shoulder strapped no-nonsense bag on the back that’ll be conveniently carrying their everything.

The student backpack still quite young though – aged around 44 years old. It has gone through some aesthetic changes over the course of its time meeting the ever-evolving demands of its users. What was once a bulky sack of material on the back with leather straps has now morphed into super sleek bags that boast a minimalistic look catering for not just book supplies but electronic devices. Being able to pop in a laptop or gadget is now integral to the designs of backpacks churned out nowadays and even with everything screaming less is more, backpacks certainly don’t appear to be a bag that’ll become obsolete any time soon.

Now that most of the nation’s youngsters are slowly heading back into education, backpacks will be making it into the top ten of crucial supplies and equipment for students, no doubt.

If you haven’t already grabbed yourself one ready to fill every corner with textbooks, stationery, food and water supplies, we’re wondering why! You’ll never look back once you’ve bagged one – we’re certain.

Read on to find out why Models Direct believe you should have one hanging on your over the door hook or lounging on your bedroom floor if you’re still in two minds.  

Maximum comfort 

Backpacks are so practical. The fact that they sit on your back, leaving your arms to move freely and not having to worry about anything sliding off your arms or waist – we’re thinking about shoulder bags and bum bags right now – is what makes them so magnetic. The weight of your belongings sits nicely on you in the most convenient way, not pulling you forward, back or sideways and helping the weight become more manageable than carrying in your arms.

Place your trust in it 

Place your trust in a bag?


Okay, so by this we mean, place all your essential items in your backpack and trust us – you’ll fill it up with a lot more stuff than you expected! Most backpacks come designed with lots of neat compartments for mobile storage to side water bottle compartments. You’ll find nifty pouches that you never knew existed if you look hard enough (okay, we might be exaggerating a little here because it depends on the manufacturer, but it is possible). Hands up if anyone wants to let us know if they’ve found a handy compartment they never knew about before.

Great for trekking and going away

The genius idea behind the design of a backpack extends to it being superb for a trek or a going away weekend too. Models who’ve been booked for assignments will definitely enjoy using one to pop in everything they need for walking trips, days out, staycations and going away.

Whichever style of backpack you choose for your return to school or uni we know you’re going to wear it with style!

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