Top tips for keeping your e-Portfolio up-to-date

When you sign on with an agency you are likely to have an e-Portfolio – here are Models Directs ‘top tips’ to making it stand out above the rest!

This is where you and your agency are able to showcase exactly what you can potentially offer a client and what you might bring to a particular project.

Your agency should use it when putting you forward for work and it will also be a valuable tool for the client when they are trying to choose just the right models.

In order to maximise your bookings and ensure you are the right person for commercial and promotional assignments, you should ensure your e-Portfolio is kept up-to-date.

Here are our top tips:

  • Set aside one morning every month to go through your e-Portfolio and assess it. Try to look at it dispassionately and to imagine what a client might think. 
  • Ask a good friend or relative to look at it every so often too and to give you their honest feedback.
  • Sit down after every assignment, open your e-Portfolio and decide whether it needs to be enhanced or updated based on the recent job.
  • Every time you complete a different type of job, add it to your e-Portfolio. The broader the modelling work you have undertaken, the greater the opportunities will be for you. 
  • Make sure your photography is always of a high quality and reasonably recent. If you are a child or teen model this is especially important as you are likely to be growing and changing at a rapid rate! If you are an adult male or female model you also need to make sure your images reflect the way you really look. 
  • If you change your hair colour or style you must update your photos. Clients choose models on the basis of the way they look and if someone arrives looking markedly different to the pictures in their e-Portfolio, they may well be displeased.
  • If you are considering having a visible tattoo or piercing, think carefully before going ahead. This may affect your modelling opportunities. If you do, however, choose to go down this route, once again, it is vital to update your e-Portfolio.
  • If you learn a new skill, develop a new passion or embark upon a new pastime that could enhance your booking potential then make sure you add it to your e-Portfolio.
  • Whenever you complete an assignment, ask for a reference for your e-Portfolio. Again, these can be decisive factors in ensuring you continue to receive a steady stream of work.

If you have any other questions or would like to speak to a member of our team get in touch with us today..