Personal hygiene

Having good personal hygiene is something of a necessity. Unless you’re stranded on a desert island or you live alone in a cave (which we’re assuming you don’t), maintaining personal hygiene affects both you and others around you – especially at home and in the workplace.

No amount of deodorant can mask embarrassing whiffs and pongs, so a regular sanitary routine is recommended. You might be familiar with the term “dry shower”, which is the use of antiperspirants to substitute “proper” washing. Fine for an emergency, but not an effective replacement in the long-run.

Staying fresh on set can give models confidence. Slight dampness under the armpits? Chewing minty gum to hide residues of a rushed breakfast? They are fairly common, but they can be avoided by implementing a few simple practices. The last thing models need is worrying about personal hygiene ahead of an important assignment.

It’s not just about smelling nice – oh no. Maintaining a good hygiene standard reduces the risk of picking up diseases and general ailments. This is unfortunately seen in some areas of countries with a lack of clean running water. Luckily, the UK has ample clean water (usually), so that shouldn’t be a problem for most of us Brits.

Perhaps the most common sign of poor personal hygiene is body odour (commonly referred to as “B.O”). This is usually caused by bacteria from secretions by skin glands, as sweat itself doesn’t typically have a scent. Unless folk have abnormal physical conditions, B.O can be easily combatted with regularly washing / showers, and the use of effective antiperspirants. Other tips are changing clothes frequently, avoiding smelly foods and shaving armpit hair. Additionally, try to reduce stress by getting plenty of sleep, socialising and drinking two litres of water daily, as over sweating can be a result of anxiety or poor life management.

Simple hygiene practices include washing hands before and after eating, and after using the bathroom. Keep fingernails dirt-free, and consider trimming them if there is evidence of infection, which could be from scratching other parts of the body (e.g. eczema).

Before models arrive on set, be sure to have had a shower or bath (at least 5 minutes in duration), and dried yourself thoroughly. Talcum powder aids drying for those with overworking sweat glands. Don’t be afraid to take a small clean towel, deodorant and water canister with you so you can nip to the bathroom if required to top up sanitary levels. Bring fresh shirts and socks if required.

Don’t neglect your teeth! Eat fresh fruit and veg, and try to avoid sugary liquids and food. Floss regularly, trying not to damage the gums. There are plenty of mouthwashes and toothpastes to choose from, so do your research or speak to your dentist for professional recommendations. Toothpastes high in fluoride are preferred, and they don’t have to be minty to be effective at reducing tooth decay and keeping your breath nice and fragrant.

Don’t let your looks and character suffer from neglected personal hygiene. If you’re really struggling, try changing your diet and sleep patterns, and keep to a daily routine to help you realise how easy it can be. With a healthy hygiene status coupled with looking good in front of the camera, you’ll be turning heads in no time.