Teeth: Unleash your Pearly Whites

A smiling face dispels unhappiness, or so the Nigerian proverb goes…

We thought we’d add this little joy to begin our blog about smiles and teeth!

male model teeth
Male Model showing fantastic pearly whites!

Our teeth do a lot for us – they help us chew, bite and grind our food down. They also like to make an appearance particularly when we smile. Apart from their primary food chomping job role, teeth can be admired too. When you’re busting out a smile, enjoying some good old rip-roaring laughter or exposing your gnashes through other expressions, teeth can be seen and appreciated.

If anyone is thinking about going down the cosmetic dental route, there are plenty of options out there with tooth whitening being the most desirable treatment.

If you want pearly whites without the price tag, Models Direct would like to lend you a couple of shiny tips when taking care of your oral hygiene so you can smile proudly. Body part models will know these tips and if you have any extra you can share with us, please feel free to DM us!

Brush them like a pro

We know there’s not enough time in a day but try your very best to aim for the 2-minute recommended brush time. If you don’t have an electric toothbrush which can come with an inbuilt timer to alert you when you’ve completed this, you can use your phone’s timer instead. You can then carry on with your jobs such as getting ready for school or work whilst polishing your teeth.

Opt for electric!

Studies show that the overall performance of an electric toothbrush as compared to a conventional toothbrush is much better when it comes to brushing, accessing hard-to-reach areas and the overall product life of the tool. They can also ensure you don’t apply too much brushing pressure which could lead to gum damage (yikes!). With plenty out there to choose from and at competitive prices, have a look and consider purchasing one if you already haven’t!

Floss, please!

The thought of flossing has probably annoyed a few of us reading this. If we didn’t have enough time to brush, how would we find the time to fit in flossing? Pah! Luckily, for those of us pressed for time, there are easier tools to get the job done. You can go about your daily chores and activities flossing like a boss with handy interdental brushes available at almost every dental practice, certain supermarkets, pharmacies and online.

Book a trip to the dentist

We know that the dentist isn’t many people’s bestie but please try and visit one before you have an emergency on your hands (and in your teeth!)

If you aren’t registered with one, don’t wait. We’ve been in tough situations where we’ve been thankful that our registered dentist has seen us for a same-day review/ treatment. Get sorted before anything happens.

Our message for your teeth

Your teeth aren’t hidden underground, they are just covered for moments in time. For greater confidence on camera with a bright, shiny set of teeth, take care of yourself in between dental visits and be careful with your diet. You’ll want your smile and teeth noticed and adored so keep up with a daily, healthy routine.

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