It’s time to brighten things up a little, with some gorgeous new spring make-up looks

Winter is over and summer is on the horizon, so let’s lift our spirits a little with a few seasonal changes to our make-up bags.

Yes, spring 2024 is bringing with it some lighter touches and some exquisite colours that truly reflect the natural shades around us at the moment, while also looking simply stunning.

So, for those of you thinking of snapping some new seasonal shots for your e-portfolios – or for anyone considering joining us and requiring an initial photo to send off to us – why not have some fun and try out a whole new spring make-up look?

Pink is still as present as it was last year, but this season is seeing a move away from that vibrant Barbie shade to something a little more delicate.

Models and would-be models, think baby pink and soft pastel shades when opting for rosy pink eye shadows, lipsticks and even blushers.

While pink is still very much a positive this spring, however, also consider teaming it up with some superb light blues, greens and yellows.

Be bold in your colour choices but not necessarily the vibrancy of the shades you are selecting.

Gentle pink lips can look amazing against lemon yellows and sky blues above the eyes, for example.

And you don’t have to overdo it – even the most subtle use of these delicious spring shades will help create a lively and exciting new make-up look this season.

Pink up any one of these hues in your nail varnish too and you will also be exuding glorious spring colour right to your fingertips!

For those planning a big night out or simply wishing to bring a little glitz and glamour to their look, you can also get away with a few spring sparkles this season.

There are some delightful eco glitters and metallic shimmers out there that will be simply sublime with your seasonal pinks, blues, yellows and greens.

There are also some lovely plant-based glitters to add to your nails that will tie in beautifully colour-wise and certainly add some twinkle to your overall look.

At Models Direct we believe this season doesn’t have to be about making big changes…

But bringing some lovely new colour into your look could help lift your mood and perhaps even put a spring in your step.