Modelling Your Relationships with Models Direct

A sneak peek into the expanding world of relationships and breaking barriers positively.

Whatever you have in mind for the rest 2022, make it a good one and have solid relationships on board to give you a boost of positivity and of course, good company, laughter and cherished memories.

It’s true when they say it’s quality not quantity when it comes to people you value and who value you. Whoever is special to you; your friend, a family member or your other half, connect and journey together through to see what unfolds.

What relationships mean to us

Relationships are a big thing to us here at Models Direct. We need to build these not just in our own lives but within our business focusing on our models and clients. Establishing a relationship that is built on trust, respect and care is what we do as an agency and we’re looking forward to what this year will unfold.

We’re calling for couples to come forward and join us for new modelling adventures and incredible opportunities to bond stronger together. Models Direct want you! Whether you’re in a new relationship, diverse relationship, same-sex relationship or however you want to define it (or maybe not) then please read on.

Our modelling agency continuously explores all the shifts and changes in our population and society to keep current with our audiences’ needs and demands. The relationship portal has widened further especially within these last few years where we are seeing diversity and inclusion being highlighted everywhere, and we mean everywhere which makes us so proud of everyone’s effort to make a conscientious decision to consider everyone on our planet. Hey, we have only one planet and one life (unless you’re a cat!) so let’s make the most of it!

Whatever kind of unionship you have, love is love. It’s an eternal emotion that will never cease and continue to glue us together in our hearts and minds. With that, wouldn’t it be great to carry out some modelling work showing how much you adore your partner? Gazing into each other’s eyes, holding hands under the stars or having a delicious meal on Valentine’s Day. You’ll gain phenomenal experience and be recognised on a local (or global) scale. We’re not kidding – this can happen! How about receiving a respectable remuneration for your time? Gosh, there’s lots of great incentives to consider. 

We don’t want to be selecting two unfamiliar models to one another and expect them to pull off a blinding campaign for a client. This does take place but we’re looking for real human connection and emotion that unfamiliarity can’t beat, and what better way to reach that than by having real-life couples!

And there you have it! If you work well as a team and think you’ve got that onscreen chemistry you can sense from a mile, get in touch with our team. We’d love to have you on couple-oriented projects.