Making the Most of Your Look

Our Models Direct team is always working hard to not only connect our models with clients, and clients with models, but to bring the latest scoop, information-rich blogs and content across our socials. Our world’s pretty busy but we love every second of it! Today, we’re bringing you a blog that’s all about how to make the most of your look.

Whether you’re a newbie or a long-term model, making the most of your appearance is essential. Why? Because you’ll get noticed and hopefully booked for a modelling gig! We’re not talking about having the perfect nose, plumped lips or thick eyebrows, and being skinny. We mean, your looks are unique to you, they demonstrate who you are and how you appear. There’s only one you, (even if you have a twin, you’re still your person) with personalised features that fit perfectly for you. So, how can you enhance your look so that it shows and catches the eyes of clients?

Take care of your skin, hair, nails and teeth

There’s lots to maintain but getting in a regular habit of taking care of yourself is important for your self-confidence. If it’s too overwhelming, draw up a timetable of when you’ll be able to put realistic self-care practises in place. Use skincare and haircare that’s gentle for your skin and the environment (don’t forget your sunscreen), take time to nourish your nails and if you want to get creative, then head over to a nail salon. And teeth, well, keep brushing, flossing and rinsing with mouthwash and remember to visit your dentist for regular check-ups! Make this chapter last – your body and mind deserve to be properly cared for.

Let’s talk about good posture

It’s so important to maintain a good posture, with your shoulders back, standing tall and head high. Not only will this improve your overall appearance but your back will thank you for caring for it. Many of us are working from home now or in a hybrid scenario so whilst seated, take care of your back with a well-supported chair that has adequate padding around the back and bottom.

Size up your fittings

Now this one’s a little tricky because the fashion scene’s been going head over heels about oversize clothing lately but having clothes that fit you well will make a dramatic difference to how you look! You can go from sloppy and too tight to looking profesh and slick. Hey, this doesn’t mean we’re steering you away from oversize stuff altogether. Just make sure you try before you buy and that everything sits well around your frame, working for you, not against you!

Highlight your best features

Whether it’s your strong jawline, luscious hair or flawless hands (yes, it doesn’t always have to be your eyes or legs), show it off. Your best features want to be celebrated and what better way than being appreciated?

Self-confidence is key

When making to most of your look, it can go beyond physical features. Confidence comes from within and when you’re content with yourself, it shows. Be confident and happy with who you are!