Winter skin

The temperatures are dropping fast and the drying winds of winter usually mean that our skins are demanding moisture. The problems are not limited to the great outdoors, but also the indoors too. Our skin can be damaged from innocuous indoor heating which can cause it to flare up, become rough, tight and itchy. 

This blog is ideal for anyone seeking serious winter skincare advice and a beauty regime that will take you nicely into spring. Models Direct are here to help you take control of your skin even when the weather is out of your hands. If you’re a model let’s begin!

It starts with a healthy lifestyle

We know you know this tip already but we can’t stress it enough – it’s true and it works. A lifestyle that encourages your skin to produce more of its natural oils really helps to combat winter weather. This means eating better, keeping hydrated, exercising and sleeping well. So, regain control of your skin by having a healthier outlook and lifestyle. 

Use simpler skin products

We’re lucky that there’s skincare to suit all skin types now – dry, normal, sensitive or oily. Whatever suits your skin, there’s a product out there and what’s even better is that many are now omitting harsh chemicals benefitting the skin and environment. Drying and damaging parabens, phthalates and sulphates are now being missed out and companies are proudly supporting their products that are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. So, be kind to your skin and opt for more natural, uncomplicated products so that the skin has more time to restore and protect itself from the colder weather. 

Speak to a skin specialist  

If your skin is finding it difficult to recover from winter breakouts even when you’ve tried everything (eating and sleeping well and using mild skin products) then the next step is to get in touch with your family doctor or be referred to see a dermatologist. It could be something that’s remedied by a prescription or a skin condition that’s medically diagnosed. 

Invest in a dehumidifier 

Give the air you breathe back the love it deserves with a dehumidifier. During the colder months, the air’s moisture is quenched through the heating being put on throughout the day, and a dehumidifier can restore this imbalance which your skin can in turn benefit from. 

Sunscreen all year round

It might be tempting to only pack on sunscreen when it’s hot but the sun’s rays remain damaging to the skin when it’s cold too. For all year round protection so that the sun doesn’t zap the moisture out and cause premature ageing, wear a high SPF cream. Your skin will appreciate it. 

Bonus tips are:

Drink plenty of water, reduce your time in the shower, cleanse judiciously, exfoliate once a week, sleep well and take care of your mental wellbeing. 

Female models and male models alike can jot down some notes from this page so that their skin can be in its best form for the lights, camera and action. Hopefully all these tips will help you get through the cold chill with a skincare regime that will stick, ready for some amazing assignments in the winter weather.