Which activities might help my child with modelling? Your questions answered…

Child modelling is a really important part of what we do here at Models Direct.

We have little ones on our books who are really still just newly born or babes-in-arms and youngsters from toddlers right up to teens.

We are often asked by parents about which activities might help their children with their modelling and so here we try to answer some of their questions:

Q: Which activities might help my child with modelling?

A: Almost anything! Any activity a child does will help them with their developmental skills and this is sure to have an impact on their ability to model. Child models need to be confident, friendly and comfortable around adults. Older ones also have to be able to listen carefully, follow instructions and be able to step out in front of a camera. Our team at Models Direct – and the clients and production teams we work with – are all highly experienced at working with junior models. They understand how to talk to children, behave around them and when they might need food, drink or a rest. Any activity your child does is certain to only enhance the strong relationships our teams build up with young models.

Q: Should my child model join an acting class or drama group?

A: Yes, this can be a great idea. But only if your little one is keen! It is important never to force your child to take on an extra curricular activity if they don’t enjoy it – but acting classes and drama groups can be fantastic. They really help to build the confidence of the child when they are on stage or in front of a camera. They help them learn how to take on different roles, respond to instructions and interact with other actors or models.

Q: Are music or dancing classes good for a child model?

A: Yes, they are fantastic! Not only do they help develop self-esteem but they also cultivate creativity. A child who learns an instrument, plays in a music group orchestra, sings or dances will develop all kinds of skills that are transferable to modelling. They will learn how to be confident when performing individually and will also be able to work within a group. They will learn how to commit to something and just how important reliability and punctuality can be. And they will have tremendous fun at the same time!

Q: Can sporting and physical activities be beneficial to a child model?

A: Yes! They can be a great help to any child who is already a model or considering becoming one. Like other activities, sports and gym clubs will help a child to blossom both as an individual and within a team. They should become more confident and learn how to listen carefully and follow instructions. They will also be staying fit and healthy while having great fun! But, again, remember, only gently encourage your little one. If they are really not keen then don’t force them. Not all activities, especially certain sports and activities, are for everyone!

If you would like to find out more about what child modelling involves then fill in our form, send us a photo of your little one and we will give you a call.

You can also read more about what other parents of child models think about working with us here.

This what little Zuri’s mum told us after a booking:

“The entire experience couldn’t have been more professional. We felt fully briefed by Models Direct and knew exactly where to be and when and what to expect.

“Even at short notice for the job, Charlie from the agency was a consummate professional.

“Both the client and her team and the photographer couldn’t have been nicer to Zuri who absolutely loved getting dressed up and laughed throughout the whole shoot.

“Zuri even got a little keepsake off the client to take home which she absolutely loves and will be a lovely reminder of her shoot with Say It With Diamonds.

“We can’t wait for our next job with Models Direct.”