What makes Models Direct different?

Those trying to break into the world of modelling can understandably find it overwhelming…

Not only are there different agencies to choose from, but there are also individuals and organisations out there who claim to be agencies but are actually not.

And it can sometimes be very difficult to tell the difference…..

Models Direct was established 30 years ago and is renowned in the business as a reputable and trustworthy agency.

Not only do we represent for male and female models of all ages right across the UK, but we also have pets of all shapes and sizes on our books too.

Our client list includes some of the biggest and best known names in daily life and the reviews from the models who work with us speak for themselves.

But even with all this testimony to our reputation and success, we understand why models might sometimes be hesitant when it comes to applying.

After all, you need to feel safe, secure and well looked after – you will want to be sure you are in the right hands.

This is why we always urge everyone to carry out their own research to ensure they have a thorough understanding of how the industry works and what a real agency will do for them.

Consider these important points while carrying out your research:

1. Are you applying to a legitimate agency?

There are many individuals and organisations that claim to be agencies but are not. As a legitimate employment agency, Models Direct is legally allowed to find work for models. If someone is not a registered agency, then they cannot legally do this. Be very wary, therefore, of photography studios and other individuals or companies who will only “showcase” you. This means they are only allowed to promote your photographs on their websites but cannot actively search for work for you as we can. At Models Direct we promote our models right across the UK, as well as in their local area. Our professional team focuses much of its time on actively sourcing work for our models.

2. Is the organisation you are applying to regulated?

This is very important. You need to know that the company you are signing up to is regularly inspected, checked and held to account to ensure it is operating to the highest standards at all times. Models Direct is a government-regulated employment agency. We are regularly inspected by the UK government’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), formerly known as the Department for Trade and Industry (DTI).

3. Does your agency vet all its clients?

Once again, this is essential. You need to know that each and every assignment you accept has been thoroughly checked out. At Models Direct, we pride ourselves in our safety procedures. We verify the authenticity of all our new clients and make sure we have a complete understanding of all the arrangements for each booking so we can discuss them with you and make sure you are confident about attending. The safety of our models is paramount for us at all times.

4. Will any work be overseen and managed?

Once you have accepted a booking, you need to know that someone professional is still looking out for you. Find out whether your agency will give you clear instructions on where to be, arrival times etc and what you will be doing throughout the job. At Models Direct, not only is this a core part of our service, but your personal point of contact within our team will also be on hand and available to you at the end of the phone should you have any queries or problems on the day itself.

5. How will you be paid?

However much fun a modelling assignment is, we understand that you are taking it on because you want to earn some extra money. Make sure you find out how much you will be paid and when. Models Direct ensures it always negotiates the best fees for its models. We insist on prepayment from all our clients so we can make sure our models are paid within five days of completing an assignment.

Find out more about how Models Direct works then contact us if you would like us to work with you – and for you.