Six Styles to Modelling Success

Being a successful model is all about versatility – being able to take on different roles, step into someone else’s shoes and rock a whole range of different looks.

So, why not show us what you can do?

Choose six different styles for your e-portfolio and present them to us to really highlight your versatility.

Remember, the looks need to be appropriate to your age and what you think we and our clients might be looking for.

They also need to be right for you – so, while we are suggesting six different styles here, you may well wish to adapt, refine or completely change these to suit you and your unique attributes.

1. Casual

This is the “Saturday morning” look. We would love to see you wearing something casual and fun but not too outlandish – the kind of outfit you might wear to meet up with friends for a day out or lunch, perhaps. Jeans or a casual shirt could be perfect. Try dressing them up with a pair of attractive shoes, a colourful shirt or t-shirt and perhaps a jacket. Avoid the temptation to over accessorize.

2. Formal

This is your chance to be a bit dressy, but keep it smart, stylish and elegant. Guys, this is your opportunity to wear a suit, but let’s not go for a full-on job interview or wedding style. Try a suit with a nice cut and perhaps a t-shirt underneath. Girls, again, we don’t want to see you looking prim and stuffy, a trouser suit or well-fitting dress or skirt, with a jacket, could look great but think celebratory meal out in a nice restaurant rather than daily commute – and let’s have a relaxed pose, with a nice smile, to offset the formality a little.

3. Sports

Are you a sporty type? Then show us what you look like in your sportswear. Let’s have you in something neat and stylish, however, rather than your baggy old jogging bottoms and favourite weight-lifting vest. Surf the net for inspiration, decide what suits you and then team it up with a pair of trainers. Think about a suitable sporty pose for your pictures – but don’t overdo it.

4. Summer

Seasonal photographs are essential, so why not think balmy spring or holiday abroad for one of your images? Wear something light and summery that suggests happy times on a warm day. You do have some licence here to take your outfit a little shorter and to reveal some flesh, but keep it tasteful, seasonal and appropriate.

5. Winter

Balance your summer shot out with something more wintery and autumnal. Think long trousers, jeans or a skirt or dress with tights. Top off your look with a warm or earthy top, a piece of elegant knitwear and even a winter coat or jacket. Just make sure we can see you and your body shape. We don’t want you so wrapped up against the cold that we can’t get a sense of who you are underneath all the layers!

6. Party

This is your chance to have a little fun! But try not to go overboard – and keep it smart and stylish. Choose something elegant yet playful. Ladies, you can bring in a little shimmer and shine, but don’t overdo it. A nice little black dress, with a pair of party shoes and perhaps a sparkly cardy or jacket could look fab. Some nice jewellery and a party hairstyle could really complement the look. But remember less is more. Blokes, smart jeans, with a t-shirt and jacket could be just the ticket for you here.