Standing Out In A Competitive Industry

Welcome to all of our lovely models (and maybe prospective ones) who are reading this. If you are wondering how to increase your chances of being booked for a modelling job, you have come to the right blog. You will need to cut through all the noise in the modelling world to get noticed but this isn’t difficult to achieve if you are driven and motivated. Follow Models Direct’s tips below and reap the benefits of improving your prospects of being selected by a client for work.

Current and versatile images

Models are encouraged to compile images that are kept real-time and up to date with their current look as this will be their visual representation for us as well as those all-important clients that will be seeking models for bookings. Clients will want to see how you look as you are right now, not a dated appearance from a few years back as this can sometimes be a real letdown when it comes to the selection crunch. Your portfolio is a true reflection of how you look. 

You can add a splash of individuality by putting forward images that demonstrate your creative side and tailor it to your likes and interests. This could entail striking classic model poses, revealing any hidden talents or original settings donning the latest on-trend fashion and makeup looks. It’s really up to you how you want to best present yourself but ensure your images are only about you and exhibit your best and professional self.   

List experience 

If you can fill us in on any relevant experience you may have had in the past or present then keep us in the loop. Agencies want to know your experience just like any employer would when you are applying for a job. Share your successes so that if you are put forward for an assignment and the client asks for previous experience, we can fill them in.

Communicate with your agency

It’s a good idea to touch base with your agency, so keep in touch. Inform your agent about any important announcements that could impact your chances of work or even increase it. Whatever the message is, your agent is your point of contact so having good communication is key. Also, the lovely thing about being a Models Direct model is that our team is really friendly and down to earth. We appreciate the value of all of our wonderful talent so it’s great when we hear from our models directly about what is going on in their lives and ways we can help increase their exposure to the modelling world. 

Models Direct is NOT a showcase agency

We touch upon this factor quite often (it’s important for our readers to know this!) but our modelling agency is not like some of the others that are situated high up on search engines. Models Direct is not a showcase agency where we place our models’ images online and create a proactive image of consistent workflow in the pipeline for all of them. This is practically an impossible task to achieve, let alone misleading. No agency can guarantee work; it’s up to clients to make the ultimate selection from the models an agency puts forward to them. Our agency has always explained this concept and will continue to push out gentle reminders for our readers. We DO help our models increase their chances of being booked and put you forward whenever we can to big name brands around the world. For more useful advice head over to our FAQs page to find out more.