Male Modelling

If you’re a male and you’re reading this, the chances are you are interested in modelling. And why wouldn’t you be? The commercial modelling world is a hive of opportunity, travel, satisfying work, meeting new people and getting paid for your invaluable help. With a little help from us, male models have been successful for decades.   

It’s been a strange couple of years: COVID, Brexit, gender identification, BLM…we don’t have enough space to list every single event that has led to these extraordinary times. But some things have remained true. One of them is that the commercial modelling industry has been screaming out for male models. Males just like you!

A lot of genres have been labelled with stereotypes, and this stands true with male modelling. Close your eyes and think about what you perceive a male model to look like…

…Finished? OK, did you visualise a strapping, 6’2’’, dark-haired, striking young man with a chiselled jaw line and fashionable stubble? That’s fair enough, because we do have several males on our books that fit this description.

But, wait…! Though we have a number of males that are categorised as a “typical” model, the majority are not. Sure, a lot of them are good-looking, but facial features and physical traits only just scratch the surface when we look at a male and consider if they can become a model.

You see, professionalism can count for more in the commercial modelling industry than mere eye-catching appearances. What catches our eye is a model’s personality, temperament, confidence and determination. We do our very best to place models in various assignments, but it’s up to the model to have the persistence and grit to succeed. We have the tools and the experience – all a male model needs is the resolve and desire to go that little bit farther.

Due to the diversity of our clients (several of them are “big hitters” and world famous), we require a diverse collection of male models to match modelling briefs. There isn’t just one type of male model, so any male with the drive to become a model can actually be a model. It’s as simple as that!

The need for male models has never been so clear-cut. We have a professional booking team that has been with us for years, eager to hear from male models to fulfil roles that could be tailor-made for men just like you.  

The adage of “you won’t win the raffle if you don’t buy a ticket” can be applied to modelling applications. Be confident that you can become a male model; apply with us, and we’ll see what you’ve got to offer. What better way to banish the oddities of the last few months than taking that first step to becoming one of our male models?