Models Direct Shine the Spotlight on Brands

Brands, brands, brands! We do mention them a lot here at Models Direct, don’t we? If you’re a regular of ours, you’ll know what we mean! We’ll walk you through what a brand is and its importance for enabling business exposure and growth.

What is a brand?

You might think that a brand is a logo that identifies a company but it’s something deeper than that! A brand is the meaning that a target audience attaches to an organisation, products or services. It naturally takes time to build rich veins of emotional connection between a company and consumer which is more than just sight and sound. A powerful brand helps company’s leverage their presence and influence, making them memorable through versatile and timeless campaigns.  

Building a strong brand is achieved through branding, which is the management of the brand’s meaning. (Sounds a little confusing but we promise it isn’t!)

Next up is the brand identity. This is where anything visual identifies a brand such as logos, colours, consistent style of images and typography. It also extends to sound, touch and even smell. This is where the brand comes to life for all to see, hear and experience with the help of advertising campaigns. 

Why are brands important?

A brand helps leverage a company, regardless of its size, and gets it noticed so that it cuts through all the noise being made out there. Simply put, it’s the key to helping a business grow faster and easier therefore developing, launching and managing a brand effectively is really important. It creates a lasting impression, and if executed correctly, something that remains cemented in consumers’ minds. 

How do brands increase work for models?

When a company wants to increase their brand awareness, it will call for powerful branding strategies to drive it forward. Whether these are online brands such as fashion brands, cosmetics, health, fitness (or any other industry for that matter), brands inject power into companies. To front these campaigns, models may be considered as part of a perfect marketing solution. So any upcoming promotion for a service or product may very well signal the call for models from all walks of life to come to the centre stage and lead the brand message’s direction. 

What types of models do brands want?

Companies are ensuring that their material is fresh and relatable for their target audience so to keep in line with this, they understand that if they include models in their campaigns they need to appeal to their consumers. This means that models of all ages, sizes, genders, ethnicities, cultures, sexual orientations and backgrounds can come on board and be part of something timeless and powerful.  

Our ethos

In case you don’t know, Models Direct are a modelling and talent agency that understands the movement within the modelling industry. We observe the need for fair representation for all those who are seeking an opportunity within this industry and carry this through for all those who walk through our doors. For leading companies and individuals who are spearheading a marketing campaign for their new brand or rebrand, our agency has an extensive hub of models who represent the real population as opposed to the stereotypical one that dons the runways and catwalks around the world. And it’s our job to connect them with companies who are requesting their look! 

And there you have – an insight into the world of brands in a nutshell. We hope you enjoyed reading this and have taken away a little bit more about the modelling industry and the big things our agency does!

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